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LST 33/14. Art. No .: LST3314. Operating instructions stone separator LST 33/14.


1 LST 33/14 Art. No .: LST3314 D Operating instructions stone separator LST 33/14

2 IMPORTANT NOTES ATTENTION! Read through the entire text of the operating instructions before installation and commissioning. Use these instructions to familiarize yourself with the device, its correct use and the safety instructions. Please keep this in a safe place so that the information is available to you at all times. If you pass the device on to other people, please also hand over the complete manual. NOTE According to the applicable product liability law, the manufacturer of this device is not liable for damage to or from this device in the event of: - improper handling, - non-compliance with the operating instructions, - repairs by third parties, unauthorized specialists, - installation and replacement of non-original ones Spare parts, - improper use. The user bears the sole risk.! B by L.V.G. Hartham GmbH self-created graphics, images, texts and layouts are subject to copyright and the laws for the protection of intellectual property. Any duplication or use of such graphics, images, texts and layouts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the express consent of L.V.G. Hartham GmbH is not permitted.

3 GB CONTENTS CONTENTS 1. Control elements 2. Introduction 3. Intended use 4. Scope of delivery 5. Safety instructions 6. Symbols used 7. Commissioning 7.1 Positioning and movement 7.2 Operation 8. Maintenance 8.1 Lubrication 8.2 Daily inspection and maintenance 8.3 Turning the separating edge 8.4 Storage conditions 9 Troubleshooting 10. Technical data 11. Notes on environmental protection 12. Warranty / customer service 13. EC declaration of conformity 14. LST33 / 14 - components 3

4 OPERATING ELEMENTS 1. OPERATING ELEMENTS Separating lever 2 Lifting point / tie point 3 Securing device for separating lever 4 Setting spindle 5 Cutter bar 6 Upper knife 7 Lower knife 8 Support plate, springy 9 Transport wheel 10 Stand 11 Base frame 12 Attachment tube for separating lever 4

5 D INTRODUCTION / ORDER. USE / SCOPE OF DELIVERY 2. INTRODUCTION This manual contains information and procedures for the safe operation and maintenance of this model. For your own safety and to prevent injuries, you should read the safety instructions in this manual carefully, familiarize yourself with them and observe them at all times. 3. INTENDED USE The stone cutter for the craftsman is intended for cutting composite stones, slabs and kerbstones on a level, pressure-resistant surface. The stoneware with a maximum width of 330 mm and a maximum height of 140 mm can be separated without great effort using an attachment pipe. An upper and lower knife, a central spindle for height adjustment and a resilient support plate make the work easier. Improper use, changes to the device or the use of parts that have not been checked and approved by the manufacturer can result in unforeseeable damage! The device is not suitable for cutting tiles and artificial stone slabs. DANGER! People who are not familiar with the operating instructions, children, young people and people under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication are not allowed to operate the device. 4. SCOPE OF DELIVERY Stone separator with upper and lower knife attachment tube for separating lever 5

6 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using this stone cutter, the following basic safety measures must be observed to protect against the risk of injury and property damage. Read all of these instructions before using this device and keep the safety instructions in a safe place. 5.1 Do not use the stone cutter until you are familiar, trained and instructed to use it. 5.2 Do not use the stone cutter without checking it beforehand. Pay particular attention to the attachment tube and the cutting lever, the cutting knife, the spindle and the support plates. 5.3 Do not use the stone cutter on uneven ground or sloping ground. 5.4 Never put any part of your body into the splitting mechanism or under the cutting knife or the earthenware. 5.5 ALWAYS wear approved safety glasses, safety gloves and safety shoes. Wear hearing protection appropriate to the work environment. 5.6 Keep your work area tidy and provide adequate lighting. Clutter in the work area and working in the dark can result in accidents. 5.7 When cutting earthenware, other people should keep a safe distance of at least 5 meters from the device. 5.8 Always place the earthenware in the middle of the cutting knife and not at the end. 5.9 Remove the push-on pipe completely when you are not using or transporting the stone cutter. Secure the cutting lever. Make sure that there is no material on the support plates during transport that could slip when the device is lifted. In the event of other special circumstances, the operator should take special care when using the stone cutter. 6th

7 L.V.G. Hartham GmbH Robert-Bosch-Ring 3, D Kirchdorf a.inn GB USED SYMBOLS 6. USED SYMBOLS COMMANDMENTS * Read and follow the supplied operating instructions before starting up. Otherwise the risk of injury to the operator and other people increases. * Wear approved protective goggles. Wear hearing protection if necessary. * Wear safety shoes with steel toecaps. * Wearing safety gloves. WARNING / ATTENTION * Do not hold or park the device on slopes! * Warning of hand injuries! * Warning of flying parts! * Caution, stumbling hazard! CAUTION * Lifting point / binding point OK Bj./Ser.-Nr .: Cutting length max .: Cutting thickness max .: Stone separator LST 33/14 Weight: Art.No .: NOTE Separate earthenware in the middle of the device. IDENTIFICATION PLATE Equipped with model name, year of manufacture and serial number. Please always provide this data when ordering spare parts or for service information. 7th

8 COMMISSIONING 7. COMMISSIONING ATTENTION Read the safety instructions carefully (see safety instructions) and follow them. 7.1 Placement and movement The machine is equipped with two fixed wheels (9). This makes the machine easy to drive manually. Make sure that the device is horizontal and stable during use. 7.2 Operation 1. Mount the push-on pipe (12) on the separating lever (1) and secure with the split pin (included in the scope of delivery). 2. Place the material to be cut accordingly and mark the cut (break) with a pencil. 3. Place the material on the lower knife (7). 4. Adjust the cutter bar (5) with the spindle (4), approx. 3 mm between the upper cutter (6) and the material. The upper knife is parallel to the lower knife (7). 5. Bring the material into position, roughly in the middle of the knives (see illustration). OK 6. Check the contacts again whether they are the same everywhere and readjust the cutter bar (5) with the spindle (4). 7. Press the lever (1/12) down evenly with little pressure. 8. The breaking edge breaks the material cleanly along the pre-drawn line. 9. After each break, remove all residues from the storage plate (8) and the upper and lower knife (6/7). 8th

9 GB MAINTENANCE 8. MAINTENANCE In order to maintain the functionality of the device it is necessary to inspect it regularly and to maintain it if necessary. In the event of malfunctions, the stone cutter must be put out of operation immediately so that it can be repaired by an authorized person, whereby only original spare parts from the manufacturer may be used. Regularly clean the device of stone dust and stone splinters. 8.1 Lubrication Use engine oil or grease to lubricate all moving parts. 8.2 Daily inspection and maintenance Daily checking of the stone cutter can largely minimize wear. Particular attention should be paid to the separating lever, the upper and lower knife and the setting spindle. When not in use, the push-on pipe must be dismantled and the separating lever secured. 8.3 Turning the cutting edge If the cutting edge on the knife is worn, turn the triangular cutting tool. 1. Loosen the four hexagon head screws. 2. Remove the triangular cutting tool. 3. Clean the support surface. (Wear protective goggles when using compressed air.) 4. Insert the intact edge in the cutting direction. 5. Secure the cutting knife again with the hexagon head screws. 8.4 Storage conditions If the device is not used for a longer period of time, it should be thoroughly cleaned and greased under a tarpaulin in a covered, dry place. 9

10 TROUBLESHOOTING TECHNICAL DATA / ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 9. TROUBLESHOOTING Malfunction Cause Remedy Material is not straight on the platen. Dust and / or stone chips are on the platen. Clean the support plate. Separation lever does not move properly up or down. Examine stone separators for stone chips or remains. Clean stone separators. If these measures do not eliminate the error or errors occur that are not listed here, have your device checked by a specialist. 10. TECHNICAL DATA Model: LST 33/14 Maximum cutting width: mm 330 Minimum cutting height: mm 26 Maximum cutting height: mm 140 Adjustment of the cutting height: Manual Weight, approx .: kg 33.5 11. NOTE ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Old devices are valuable materials, they belong therefore not in the household rubbish! We would therefore like to ask you to support us with your active contribution in the conservation of resources and environmental protection and to hand this device over to the collection points that have been set up, if available. Inquire at your local waste disposal authority about the options for environmentally friendly and appropriate disposal. 10

11 GB WARRANTY / CUSTOMER SERVICE 12. WARRANTY / CUSTOMER SERVICE Warranty The statutory warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. In the event of any defects in the product, please contact our customer service directly. For this purpose, it is important to keep the proof of purchase carefully. The guarantee takes place in such a way that defective parts are repaired free of charge or replaced by faultless parts at our discretion. Replaced parts become our property. Repairing or replacing individual parts will neither extend the warranty period nor initiate a new warranty period for the device.There is no separate warranty period for installed spare parts. We do not accept any liability for damage and defects in devices or their parts that occur as a result of excessive use, improper handling and maintenance. This also applies to non-compliance with the operating instructions and the installation of spare parts and accessories that are not listed in our range. In the event of intervention or changes to the device by persons who are not authorized by us, the warranty claim expires. Customer service For technical questions, information about our products and for ordering spare parts, our service team is at your disposal as follows: Service time: Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Telephone: 0049 / (0) 8571 / Fax: 0049 / (0) 8571 / About 90% of all complaints are due to operating errors and can be rectified if you contact our service hotline. We therefore ask you to use this hotline before you return your device to your dealer. Here you will be helped quickly without having to go to any distance. Important note: Please do not send your device to our address without a request from our service team. The costs and the risk of loss for unsolicited mailings are borne by the sender. We reserve the right to refuse to accept unsolicited consignments or to return the relevant goods to the sender freight collect or at the sender's expense. 11

12 EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 13. EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY According to the provisions of the EC directives - Machinery Directive 006/4 / EC, the company: LVG Hartham GmbH Robert-Bosch-Ring 3 D Kirchdorf / Inn Telephone: 0049 / (0) 8571 / Fax : 0049 / (0) 8571 / that the product designation: Stone separator Type designation: LST 33/14 corresponds to the essential protection requirements of the above-mentioned EC directive. Authorized representative for the compilation of the technical documents: Gabriele Denk The declaration of conformity only relates to the machine in the condition in which it was placed on the market; Parts subsequently attached by the end user and / or interventions / changes made subsequently are not taken into account. Kirchdorf, Manfred Wei├čenhorner, Managing Director Place / Date Distributor, Authorized Representative Signature 1


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