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Those who want to work efficiently today cannot avoid the subject of “workflow”. The workflow, i.e. the handling of processes based on the division of labor in companies, is intended to optimize workflows. The goal: to achieve the greatest possible efficiency through automation. But what does it take for the work to really “flow”? When does it make sense to rely on automated workflows? And how can Automate business processes? You can find out that and more in this post.

That is why you should generally rely on automated business processes

If you want to be competitive these days, you have to be one thing above all: fast! Quick action and a high level of agility are decisive for the future viability of a company - regardless of the industry. Paper-based, manually edited business processes are a major obstacle. Because any work that an employee does manually can be a potential source of errors and delays. Bookkeeping is a good example of this. Decisive processes take place here, regardless of the sector, which contribute significantly to the liquidity and competitiveness of a company. At the same time, an accounting department harbors some sources of error. Time pressure, lack of concentration or sick days and vacation days often lead to an invoice being incorrectly processed, incorrectly forwarded or incorrectly filed. The result: Delays and a lack of incoming or outgoing payments. If such things occur frequently, the whole company suffers in the end. To avoid this, you should automate your business processes.

In other words, replace manual, paper-based work by automating everyday and repetitive business processes. This means that they do not need to be processed by a human worker and the employees can concentrate on their actual work as well as on other profitable processes. Because if you rely on digital, automated workflows, you make all business processes within your company more transparent. This also promotes better control over all processes. In departments such as accounting in particular, such transparency benefits the liquidity of the entire company. In addition, automated workflows facilitate a quick response to customer requests and market events. This gives your company decisive competitive advantages - not unimportant for the future viability of a company.

Process human resources digitally and automatically

Would you also like to process personnel matters more efficiently and quickly? Then you should automate your business processes in this area as well. From training and terminations to the management of vacation or sick days to applicant management, a HR department must be familiar with every area of ​​the company and be able to process all related documents quickly and efficiently.

The way to more efficiency while saving time at the same time: Optimize everyday routine tasks. These are mainly work that regularly requires similar documents. Automated workflows help to accelerate all processes and to eliminate unnecessary work steps. By means of standardization, for example, they prevent long e-mail chains or loss of time due to tedious appointments. If you automate your business processes, the latter can be better planned and organized. This gives your employees additional time that they can invest profitably in other projects.

Automate business processes - this is how it works

Once you have decided to increase the agility and competitiveness of your company, it is a matter of implementing automated workflows. The first step is to analyze the current state of your company and the departments whose processes you want to automate in the future. Evaluate the respective status quo and define the specific need for action together with the employees. A good guideline for determining the optimization potential: the more paper there is in everyday work processes, the more sensible the restructuring. In order to set the goal formulation, ask yourself what benefits automated business processes should bring to your company. An experienced and professional advisor can give you valuable tips during this phase.

When you automate your business processes, the ultimate goal should be to minimize errors caused by manual work and, at the same time, to give your employees more time for profitable projects. And that is exactly why working with automated workflows is the best method. The following applies: Invest in the automation of your accounting as early as possible. You are better positioned for the digital future - a decisive competitive advantage.

You benefit from these important advantages

Once you have analyzed the current state of your company and defined the optimization potential of the accounting and human resources departments, the next step is to choose the right software. Here, too, it is advisable to use a competent advisor. On the basis of your objective, he can work out a solution that exactly matches your requirements. Then it's about the implementation. To ensure that the topic of “automating business processes” does not develop into overtime, seamless integration of the new, automated system into the existing work environment is essential. The facility should interfere with ongoing operations as little as possible. Therefore, make sure that an organizer, such as your IT manager, is on site for the installation. They should receive special training so that they can advise and support the other employees, especially during the induction phase.

Do you have the feeling that some things will change if you automate your business processes? That is correct - and a good thing too! Because with automated workflows you have a number of advantages. Your company is guaranteed to benefit from the first minute of use in these areas:

1. The accounting department:Automated workflows relieve your employees of the work of entering invoices, forwarding them to the right person, paying them and later archiving them. Acquisition, data entry, approval routing and document archiving take place independently by means of automation through preconfigured systems. In addition, an automated invoice workflow ensures that errors, duplicates and exceptions are identified immediately and that all changes and data are transmitted to your accounting program. This eliminates unnecessary tasks and promotes efficient work.

2. The HR department: Anyone who relies on automated workflows for recruiting creates optimal applicant management that is perfectly adapted to the company. This includes a detailed coordination of the requirement profiles of potential applicants with the relevant departments. In addition, personnel matters can be processed more efficiently and faster if you automate your business processes.

3. Employees in the home office or on business trips: Those who can automate their business processes experience complete flexibility through automated workflows. Because these enable you to work independently of time and location, regardless of the device. For example, the technical review and approval of invoices can be carried out from anywhere. For your company this means a considerable increase in flexibility. And ERP integration can also benefit from this flexibility, as a preconfigured invoice workflow can be easily integrated into any financial application you use.

4. Audits and tests: When you automate your business processes, you also benefit in terms of audits and reviews. Automated workflows prevent data from being recorded incorrectly or incompletely. You can provide all the documents required by the auditor in real time. This not only makes it easier for you to prepare for a tax audit, it also offers you more transparency and better control over your cash flow. Additional logging of all activities also helps you to comply with compliance.

So if you want to automate central business processes, you cannot avoid working with digital, automated workflows. One thing is certain: there are decisive advantages for the competitiveness of your company. And you should take advantage of this, because this is the only way you can be future-proof in the long term.

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