Is my iPhone 6s renovated

Repair guides for iPhone 6S Plus

Are you looking for an iPhone 6S Plus repair? What if you were the repair hero this time? Yes, a defective screen arrives quickly and the battery naturally wears out over time. However, we do offer a selection of the best iPhone 6S Plus parts to solve your problem. You can of course find all of our references in our shop to overcome the smallest worries of everyday life.

With a broken iPhone, you can play the manufacturer's warranty, but often it doesn't cover the case and you will have to pay additional costs depending on the damage. Otherwise, your chance to become a professional troubleshooting time with our iPhone 6S Plus repair guides! SOSav experts explain in detail how to open your phone, change the iPhone screen, battery, speaker or camera! In short, we've reviewed all the repairs possible for the iPhone 6S Plus so you can forget the hassle and find a smartphone like new.

With our instructions and advice, we have given ourselves a simple mission: To make the repair of the iPhone 6S Plus available to everyone. We want to deconstruct the myth of the impossible repair by anyone. If the manufacturers, with Apple in mind, have had the habit of conveying the message that it was absolutely necessary to go through the service for the slightest problem on their iPhone, we will prove otherwise! Repairing the iPhone 6S Plus is relatively simple with the right tools and patience.

A real frugal, but also an ecological gesture, because you're not throwing a working phone for a simple broken screen or a slightly tired battery. 80% of glitches can be repaired on iPhone, it would be silly to miss this opportunity. Repair instead of throwing, a reflex that everyone should have in order to avoid the creation of electronic waste!

Do-it-yourself repair of iPhone 6S Plus, an ecological and economical solution proposed by SOSav. Before embarking on the adventure, make a backup of your iPhone to avoid data loss as restoration after a repair is common. It's your turn to play!