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School principal Mutu sees a secure Tamil future on the Eastern Alb
"Remembering in Sri Lanka after 15 years
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Aalen's parish priest Dr. Richter brought AIZ into the public eye: murders in Sri Lanka and the ambassador's letter

Tamil Rector Mutu speaking. AIZ photos: Dieter Geissbauer
Aalen-Hofherrnweiler. The just over 400 Ostalb Tamils, wrapped in colorful robes, celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Tamils ​​in the Ostalb district together with the Germans and locals (District Administrator Klaus Pavel was not seen) on Saturday: They fled in fear for her 15 years ago Life and that of their children on the Ostalb and were welcomed and encouraged by almost everyone with open arms. A Tamil school was quickly founded in Aalen without a grant from the home country from Sri Lanka and instead of using words like "Integratiom", actions followed: The Tamil school first developed in an old house next to the butcher shop in the beginning quickly to a debt that the Germans in nothing was inferior: the "Bohlschule" was moved to the Tamil school.

What has become of the former children there made everyone in the hall sit up and take notice - also among the guests of honor Aalen Turbo-Thilo OB Rentschler and the couple ex-mayor Fehrenbacher and of course the Tamil celebrities like the Indians in white robes, but also Aalen's "Pope The poor Tamils ​​who were persecuted as in Sri Lanka learned in this glamorous ceremony in the western city center from Pastor Richter that the following had happened: At the demonstration at the market fountain, even Tamil children publicly reported the persecution murders of their families in Sri Lanka denounced and the AIZ - according to Pastor Richter - "of course reported truthfully and as the only world-wide readable newspaper from Aalen about this public demonstration.

The result: The Sri Lanka government did not like being accused of murder and persecution worldwide and called on the ambassador in Stuttgart to present the truths of the Tamils ​​in matters of murder as a falsehood. The government letter was addressed to pastor Bernhard Richter, who then as now stands behind our Tamils ​​with no ifs or buts. Other clergymen would have apologized to the government probably for the "sake of peace" for the "lying press". But not Pastor Richter, who also got a place of honor at the anniversary celebration and received a lot of applause for his entanglement and solidarity not only from the Tamils

Mirror self-portrait: Editor-in-chief Dieter Geissbauer at Tamils.
: Richter refused to meet the Sri Lankan ambassador "until the killings and murders of the Tamils ​​cease". He still stands by this today, although things have apparently got better in terms of persecution in Sri Lanke (also thanks to his intervention and the AIZ articles) but "further developments will be closely monitored". Richter promised: You Tamils ​​have been part of our Eastern Alb for 15 years and we can no longer imagine life without them. This was followed by Mayor Rentschler and ex-BM Fehrenbacher as pioneers in matters of Tamils.

Heartache was noticeable in the Tamils ​​when, after 15 years, no more word of the murders or slaughter of the Tamils ​​was spoken publicly by the Tamils ​​during this ceremony, but tears rolled down non-stop, even among children and adults, when the school principal Mutu asked everyone to stand up and said: "We all remember the dead of the wars in Sri Lanka and the death and murder of our relatives".

From teacher to doctor: all East Alb Tamils ​​have become something.
The former children of the Tamil school in Aalen have meanwhile become prominent personalities: From doctors to teachers and one thing was certified: none of the young people or children 15 years ago is today without a vocational qualification. They demonstrated this publicly on the stage and each time to the applause of the pioneer Schütz-Fatum from the DRK Aalen.

Tamil pioneers: Pastor Richter (left) and Mayor Thilo Rentschler.
Of course, there is still a lot to report about it, including that according to tradition, the guests got a colorful dot on their foreheads as a sign of community and thanks (Muto thanked everyone 33 times, including the pioneers) and the eternal friendship also in the future. But we let pictures speak of the spectacle that wasn't, but expressed the warmth and gratitude of the Tamils ​​and one thing was convincing: "We feel secure in Aalen and all over the Eastern Alb in a secure and shared future, just like the headmaster Mutoder On this 15th anniversary lunchtime, the youth promised again in public and moving. Dieter Geissbauer

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