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Deactivate and activate Google Now and "OK Google" - this is how it works

Deactivate and activate Google Now and "OK Google" - this is how it works - There are so many opinions about Google Now. For some it is practical and the future, for others a Google data octopus that is simply not needed. Sometimes it's just embarrassing when the cell phone answers in the middle of the train or at the bakery because someone said something like “Okay Google”. Therefore, depending on the question: How do you deactivate or activate the Google service? More on this in the following article.

What is Google Now?

Google Now is actually used as a synonym for the "Ok Google" recognition and its associated voice commands. Originally there are two services. On the one hand, there is the feed (once now) card service, which provides information on appointments, news and weather and is therefore also a kind of assistance. The other service, on the other hand, is voice search, which searches apps and the Internet, writes text messages or makes calls on demand. So basically takes over tasks without having to pick up the smartphone yourself. But both services belong together.

Deactivate Google Now

There are various reasons for deactivating the services of Google Now, although Google only wants to simplify the search on mobile devices with its service. What is often searched for should be displayed automatically by Google Now, for example in the case of current news events or the results of the football club. However, this is often unwanted and useless in reality if you are active yourself anyway. If you are still on the road a lot and are overwhelmed with maps by the Google service, then deactivation is the necessary solution.

Deactivate Google feed

The Google Feed assistance service can be deactivated as follows:

  1. Open the app overview on the home screen and search for the entry "Google Settings" and open the app.
  2. This opens a new menu and the “Search & Google Now” tab and there the “Now cards” menu item. Select this and you will find above then "Show maps ". This option must be deactivated. In addition, it must be selected that the Google Now settings should be deleted so that the service is switched off on all devices. This completes the complete deactivation.

This can also be used to reactivate the Google service if it is needed again or has not yet been activated.

Delete "Ok-Google" requests

Google collects a lot of user data, that's not a big secret. The voice control "Ok-Google" is just another way of receiving information about the likes and dislikes of users. This information is then monetized through advertising. Search queries via Ok-Google can even be listened to again, as these are saved by the Group from Mountain View. You can find your own search history at If you want a little more privacy, you can simply delete it, this is how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Voice & Audio Activities in the top left.
  3. Then all search queries that were made via “Ok, Google” are displayed.
  4. Individual audio files can now be deleted here. To do this, several selections and then remove them.

However, even if the queries in the search history have been deleted, it is rather unlikely. that these have really disappeared, because Google will probably have backed up the data beforehand in order to use them for advertising purposes / analyzes as well as for the further development of speech recognition.

Activate and deactivate "Ok-Google"

If you are interested in the Google service without much concern and want to activate it, you should make sure that a sufficiently young Android version is installed on the smartphone (from Samsung Galaxy S4). If this is the case, the installed Google apps on the mobile phone should be up to date. The Google app and Google Play services are usually preinstalled. In any case, a Google account must be set up for use. In order to finally activate "Ok-Google", the following must be done:

  1. In the Google settings in the app selection you can find the point "Search & Google Now ”.
    If not then in the Applications> Application Manager check whether Google is in "Deactivated apps". If so, the app must be activated and the associated updates installed from the Play Store.
  2. Under "Search & Google Now " you can find the voice control under language. If you select "Language", you will find it "Ok Google" detection. Under this can then under "On every screen " enable speech recognition to respond to the voice as soon as the screen is active. Then you have to set the speech recognition to your voice and follow the instructions. Speech recognition is now activated.

The service can be switched off again in the same way.

Video: Okay Google - switch off, switch on and configure

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