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Shoes that are too tight or too wide can be made to fit with simple tricks. (Just click to enlarge)

You have bought yourself new shoes and are happy about your fashionable or elegant achievement. Everything was good in the shoe store and the shoes fit like a glove. You took a few steps and had that first impression that the shoes are super comfortable. Or the shoes were already a bit tight, but you thought to yourself: "If I run with them long enough, they'll widen by themselves after a few days."

But after the first longer wearing, you realize that it is not that easy. The shoes cause you Pain in the feet. Maybe they will show up after a short time of wearing red spots. Even worse: Bruises, abrasions, and blistering can be the result of shoes that are too tight. Or you have a pair of shoes that you may not have worn for a long time. They fit well, but now the shoes are too tight, maybe yours Foot circumference changed Has. The tip to buy the best fitting shoes is then not enough. And you still don't want to give away or dispose of shoes that are too tight. The following tips on shoes stretch and expand without damaging the shoes, can then help you.


Why you should only wear well-fitting footwear

Dangers of tight shoes

In case you bought shoes that too narrow or too wide you shouldn't wear them like that. Don't think your feet will adapt to the shoes over time. Shoes that are too tight or too wide are different health risks connected. Shoes that are too tight will make them Constricted arteries or veins on the feet and Circulatory disorders are the consequence. You may also try to cope with the pain in your feet and take different ones Bad posture when standing or walking a. In the long run, these bad postures have serious consequences for your joints, and not just for your feet. The Stress on the joints can affect your entire skeletal and supporting apparatus on the body. One that occurs later arthrosis can be the result. Inflammation and deformation on the feet can occur if you often wear tight shoes.

Little support due to shoes that are too wide

But even if the shoes are too wide, blisters, inflammation and overstressing of the joints can occur. Even in shoes that are too wide, there are various bad postures and Improper loads taken in order to achieve adequate stability. Because of these health consequences, you should make sure always only well-fitting footwear to wear. In the most common cases, you will want to stretch both shoes equally. But it can also be possible that you different sized feet has. While one shoe fits well, the only thing you struggle with is the other. This, too, is often only noticed after wearing it several times. You should also make sure that both shoes fit well and use the simple means described here for the unsuitable shoe.

Which shoes are particularly easy to widen?

A freezer bag of water or a hair dryer are good tools to dilate your shoes.

Most of the shoes off leather or from different ones textile materials can be widened particularly well. It's a little more difficult with plastic shoes. In some cases, these shoes cannot be widened at all or only for a very short time because the plastic quickly returns to its original shape. It also depends on the processing, for example from how many Individual parts of the shoe worked or how strong the seams are and the like. But also Plastic or rubber shoes can be widened with a little patience. A great option is while wearing the shoes small gel cushions on the pressing areas from the inside to position. This gives you no pain or bruising when wearing the shoes and they widen over time as if by themselves.

What tricks or home remedies can you use to stretch shoes that are too tight?

Wide open through the cold

A very simple way to dilate shoes is to use one Freezer bags with water to fill. You put this freezer bag into the shoe to be expanded. But you have to make sure that the interior of the shoe evenly filled in is. Then you put the shoe in yours In the freezer or in the freezer compartment Your fridge. Through the freezing process of the water into ice, the water expands in volume and thereby expands your shoe. This stretching can even increase up to half a shoe size let expand.

Expand with the help of a hairdryer

Another way to stretch shoes is to try two or three pairs of thick socks to put on and wear in your shoes. With a You then heat the surface with a hot air dryer of shoes for about 10 mins and then leaves the shoes with the Cool off with socks on. The heat of the hairdryer warms the leather and the cooling in the stretched state ensures durability. If the stretch is not enough for you after the first time, you can do it Repeat the process several timesuntil the shoe fits well. With this method it is even possible only certain placesstretching, for example, on the toes or heel more than elsewhere. You simply apply the heat of the blow dryer to the points where you want to stretch your shoes.

You will often achieve the fastest and best result with the help of liquid home remedies

Shoes can be gently widened with a stretching agent and a shoe tree.

Vinegar, spirit or alcohol

Stretching and widening shoes with the help of moisture often leads to the best result. A somewhat older home remedy that today only a few people may know from their mother or grandmother is To widen leather shoes by rubbing them with vinegar. The vinegar makes sure the shoes when they are direct worn after rubbing become soft and supple. The warmth of movement ensures this reaction of the vinegar. After taking off, the material cools down and retains its new shape. Also certain pressing spotssuch as the toes or heels, can be treated well with vinegar. Another option is to post these from within with something Alcohol or alcohol rub in.

Widening through wetness

Perhaps one of the most radical methods is when you work with put on shoes under the shower rise. Stretching the shoes with water also works well. Keep your shoes on and leave them off dry on the foot. You should also take a few steps during the drying process so that the shoes adapt to your foot really well and do not contract too tightly again as a result of drying. The disadvantage of widening the shoes with water can be that the leather becomes brittle after drying. This is also recommended Method for suede shoes not so muchas the leather can become stained and hard. To protect the sensitive surfaces of shoes, they can also be widened easily by taking the shoes with you stuffing with wet newspaper. You have to make sure that the Interior well filled is. As the paper dries, so does your shoes.

What products are there for shoe widening?

If you don't feel like experimenting with home remedies or shoe-widening tricks, there are too professional solutions. Various products are sold in the shoe trade, such as Shoe stretchers, screw-on shoe trees, stretch spray and other aids offered. Stretch spray makes the leather soft and supple. The shoes then stretch when wearing. In order to achieve the desired width, you will have to treat your shoes several times with the spray. It is the same with the shoe stretchers and shoe trees. You can do this on the Set the desired stretch size. It is best to tighten your shoes overnight so that you can keep your shoes stretch over several hours. If just one of these remedies is not enough, you can combine a stretch spray with a shoe tree, for example.

If your shoes are too wide, you can use these tricks and tools to make them tighter

Insoles for a better fit

One of the easiest ways to adapt wide shoes to your foot is to wear them Insoles. Insoles are not particularly noticeable in boots, boots or loafers. You have the advantage for one comfortable to wear to care. Insoles are available in a wide variety of variants. So you can get one breathable fleece exist, which is also able to counteract perspiration. Insoles from Lambskin keep your feet really nice and warm in the cold season. In the warmer season you can Gel pads ensure a high level of comfort. Without causing a build-up of heat, these pads comfortably cushion your foot.

Insoles not only provide comfort and warmth, but also a suitable shoe.

These measures won't make your shoes tighter, but they will Space in the shoe is restrictedso that your feet get a firm hold in the shoes. Injuries from rubbing movements, abrasions and blistering can often be avoided simply by wearing suitable insoles or gel pads. The additional soles and gel pads are available in different strengths. Gel pads can be designed as gel soles for the entire foot. Smaller pads can be glued into the shoe under the front sole area and / or the heel. Even high heels can get a better grip and a more comfortable fit with the help of these gel pads.

Narrowing due to moisture

Do you want your shoes reduce overall in their width, so you can make tighter with water. Moisten your shoes inside and out.Then you stuff your shoes firmly and completely in the Interior with cotton wool out. Or used small ones Sponge pad, for example from make-up sponges, to pad your shoes. Leave your shoes dry with the upholstery. The padding in the interior of the shoes draws moisture out of the leather or textile material and thus narrows your shoes.


It is not uncommon for the selected shoes to still fit perfectly in the shoe store. First After wearing them for a while, it turns out that the shoes are too tight or too wide. Or shoes that have been in the shoe closet for a long time and perhaps should be brought back to life after months or years no longer fit. However, shoes that are too tight or too wide should not be worn, as this is common with many various health risks can be connected. To make shoes fit, either to make them wide or tighter, there is various tricks, home remedies or professional products. The easiest way to do this Leather shoes wide, but also shoes made of other materials, such as plastic, rubber or textile materials, can easily be changed afterwards. Differences of up to about half a shoe size can be achieved. If you have bought shoes that in retrospect turn out to be too tight or too wide, you can buy them adapt using the means shown and recommended here. If the shoes are still not comfortable, the only thing left is them to resell.

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