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Paul Examiner

Mario Moretti Polegato's roots are in the wine trade. His family is the world's largest prosecco exporter. From a company outing to the Rocky Mountains in 1989, he brought back an idea that was as simple as it was ingenious: holes in the rubber sole prevent sweaty feet. He put the wine in the cellar and made Geox the third largest shoe manufacturer in the world. Geox shoes are therefore very well known.

The shoe trade is a trade characterized by old traditions. Many companies look back with pride on their long history and take this as a starting point for their supposedly excellent competencies. How often the owner, the strategy and the production facilities of the company have actually changed here is obscured by this. The etiquette of tradition is worth gold as it guarantees trust. But how does a new company manage to position itself in the shoe market? Quite simply: through innovation! The Italian company Geox is just 15 years old. The shoes made its founder Mario Moretti Polegato the fifth richest Italian.

Polegato cut holes in the soles of his shoes - Geox was born

Although he was not the first to recognize that rubber soles favor sweaty feet, as rubber is absolutely not breathable, he was the first to invent a simple and ingenious remedy for this problem: According to legend, it happened in the Rocky Mountains in 1989. Polegato, at that time still managing director of the family winery, was angry about his sweaty feet during the strenuous march through the Rockys. As a man of action, he unceremoniously bored holes in his shoes with a knife and enjoyed the cooling effect. The only stupid thing was that these newly created openings were so large that water and dirt could penetrate the shoe. But the idea for Geox shoes was born.

Even today, a small scar on the entrepreneur's hand testifies to the birth of his extremely profitable idea. Back in Italy he worked on the professional implementation. So he made holes in the soles of the feet where most of the sweat glands are located. But that's not all. A special membrane made of porous material is placed over the outsole of the Geox shoes. Their material was developed by NASA. It absorbs sweat in the foot and directs it to the outside through the perforated sole. The density of the membrane's micropores is so low that no water can penetrate the Geox shoes from outside.

The Geox shoes conquer the world market with a clever idea

The Italian first offered his patented idea to the major sporting goods manufacturers Adidas and Nike. Both refused. Convinced of the innovation of his invention, he quickly founded the company Geox in 1995 in Treviso, Italy. Shoes were initially at the heart of the business. In fact, the buyers just seemed to have been waiting for this technically innovative product, which Geox applies to every imaginable shoe. Within ten years, Geox became the largest shoe manufacturer in Italy and the third largest shoe supplier in the world. Since 1999, the Geox principle has also been applied to outerwear under the “Geox Apparel” label. In 2004 the company went public. In the past financial year, over 20 million pairs of Geox shoes were sold worldwide. In the crisis year, the company generated sales of 865 million euros.

Quality deficiencies in Geox shoes lead to a break-in in Germany

Incidentally, Germany is Geox's largest market outside of Italy, and here in particular there is bad news for Italians. The German shoe retailer has ordered around 50 percent fewer Geox shoes this year than in the same period last year. The reason for this should be quality defects. Many shoe retailers noticed leaking Geox shoes which left customers' feet wet. Is Geox breaking its promise here? The group did not want to comment on these reports.

Nonetheless, Polegato has a positive outlook on the future, after all, 90 percent of the shoes worn around the world have rubber soles, which, in Polegato's opinion, are just waiting to be made breathable using the Geox principle. The growing range speaks for him.

By the way: The company name Geox is made up of the Greek word "geo" (earth) and the letter x. The x symbolizes the technology that is in the shoes.

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  1. Great here, no shoe is tested as described above, a company is advertised here.
    How much money they probably paid.

  2. Hello,
    I bought Geox shoes on the assumption that they would keep my feet warm and dry, unfortunately a lot of moisture comes through the sole from below. Is this normal for your shoes or is there a defect?

  3. Under no circumstances should a lot of moisture accumulate in the shoe, because according to the advertising promise, these are "shoes that breathe". In this respect, I would recommend that you contact Geox / seller for a possible complaint.

    Best regards

    Paul Examiner

  4. Hello everyone,

    I bought two pairs of Geox shoes last year. I returned one pair in 6 months due to a leaky membrane, the second pair leaked in a year. So it is part of the complaint or return.
    The only positive thing I can say about Geox service is that Geox offers a 2 year guarantee for its shoes. In terms of quality, I would not recommend the manufacturer's product unless you only wear Geox shoes in dry weather.

  5. I have 3 pairs of Geox shoes (Sport, Summer, Winter) and I can only say that these are the biggest mess I have ever put on! Water enters all of them (logically!) From below. In the slightest rain, my feet are super wet right away. I hear the same thing from all the owners of these crap shoes, the customer service does not exchange and is also cheeky. The worst shoe company there is, with products that cannot be more mendacious (see advertising!) And worse!

  6. Geox incinerates the customers,
    I had also bought three pairs, each time leaking and after half a year the soles came off.
    I will never buy geox shoes again.

  7. Hello, I have bought a total of 10 pairs of shoes over the course of 5 years. When it rains heavier, everyone gets wet inside through the sole. The quality got really worse over the years. I don't buy the shoes anymore.

  8. Hello, I have also repeatedly had the problem of “damp insoles” in Geox children's shoes. These things cost a lot of money and the quality leaves a lot to be desired! The sole is absolutely waterproof: it lets water in but not out again! Zalando has rejected a complaint. The comment:
    “Even with shoes with a Geox membrane, the sole has to be impregnated from the outside, otherwise the membrane can soak up water and this can then run into the shoe.
    The first treatment should be carried out 2-3 times at an interval of 20 minutes. However, there is no guarantee for this. ”End of quote! Isn't that the screamer!
    So I can only say: people buy you shoes without holes in the soles !!

  9. Women's winter boots for € 189.90 from GEOX - impregnation instructions for the soles were not included.

    GEOX soles are big crap in wet weather,
    because you can get plenty of water on your socks.

    Let's see what GEOX says about it !!! ???

  10. I bought my son (9) in February of this year GEOX shoes. In March, when we had a lot of snow this year, he kept complaining that his shoes were wet.
    So I turned to the GEOX sales point in Villach and they told me (with a Sufi smile) that this was not true. And whether I have noticed that they already have the spring collection in the store and therefore could not replace the boot one way or another. I asked the unfriendly saleswoman to take my details and just let me know. With a smile she said: "I'm sure nothing will come of it". We will contact you in 14 days ”. I went out of business angry. After 4 weeks I went back to the store myself and no one knew about it. The next day (04/04/2013) I got a call that the shoes had to be picked up because they were perfectly fine and had passed every test 😉 ha ha ha - that's supposed to be customer service - GEOX is crap and remains crap - that also has Our shoemaker meant 😉 and he should know.

  11. Based on previous positive experience, I bought three pairs of Geox shoes last year. After about half a year, all of the water let through from below. A wet floor is enough to get your feet damp. However, I can no longer complain because I no longer have the proof of purchase. In any case, I will no longer buy Geox shoes.

  12. I bought my first Geox as leather shoes for the business, full of joy for more air on the shoes. The first week you were great too, of course it didn't rain ... When it first rained I was really shocked, the way from the car to the office was enough to get my feet wet 🙁 That's why I downgraded my shoes to fair-weather shoes. Despite the fact that I don't wear the shoes during working hours, so only the way from the car to the office, back again and of course some free time, the soles in the middle area are now through and I can see the (shabby) innards of the sole. Sole is way too thin. That after only 1 year of part-time wearing.
    Conclusion: poor quality from start to finish. The brand has lost with me.

  13. My GEOX winter boots also let water through from below when it's a bit wet on the road and that is almost always in winter, right? So why buy winter boots with holes in the sole? But common sense could have told me that too ...

  14. I am very disappointed with GEOX and the service! About a year ago I bought a pair of Geox Waterproof winter shoes in the south of our republic! now i have noticed that the sole of the left shoe is dissolving. Unfortunately, I no longer have a receipt either. Don't think badly either, and go to Geox in Lübeck. The "nice saleswoman" told me that it looked bad because the receipt was missing and the shoe was not bought in this shop. So you thought “Geox is a good brand” with a 2 year guarantee! you can rather spend a little more on quality (quantity). I've made my decision! Never again such a quantitative shoe from this company. For me this is unfair competition. Ps: Just for information, the Riecker company exchanges something like this without any problems.

  15. Thank you thank you..
    Many thanks to all Geox victims for your helpful comments!
    After a long search, my healthy mistrust led me to this page.
    Thanks also to the operator of this site for allowing legitimate criticism. Unfortunately, this is not a matter of course in times of mass manipulation.