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How to Use Facebook Offers Successfully

They have been around for a few days: the Facebook Offers. A new feature of the social network that allows site operators to make special offers to their fans. Any site with more than 400 fans can use this special type of posting. Designed with a picture and description text, the fans will then receive the offer in their stream. The publisher can even add a redemption code that can be redeemed online or offline with a barcode.

The first offer is free. Then you pay per visual contact. Only your own fans can be booked. Offers have a very high virality rate, however, because Facebook posts every redeemed voucher in the timeline of the user and thus carries the sender intensively into the fans' social graph.

There has been a lot of experimentation since Facebook Offers went live last weekend. I spoke to Johannes Skrivanek from Pulpmedia to ask for his assessment of the success criteria he sees for successful offers:

1. Exclusivity

Facebook is big enough to offer potential customers something here that they can't get anywhere else. So it should be a bit off the conventional -10% or take 3 number 2.

2. Creativity

The great power of the network lies in the ease with which it can be recommended. A prerequisite for this is that fans are happy to share the offer. Creativity is required here. The reward could also be something other than just a financial advantage in the purchase. It is definitely worthwhile not to focus on performance marketing in every offer, but rather to think about some of them: How can I offer something sensational that goes viral.

 3. Courage

Of course, it takes courage to make sensational offers. Above all, the courage to experiment without fear that it might not always go viral.

4. Credibility

Good brands also have a decisive advantage here. If the sender of an offer is trusted, a higher redemption rate and thus increased virality of the offer can be expected. The first spam offers are already circulating.

5. Seamless experience

For the customer, the offer should be seamless from requesting the voucher on Facebook to redeeming it. When this customer goes to the website, it must be clear to him where he should enter the coupon and visually recognizable that the Facebook promotion actually exists. It gets even more exciting with vouchers that can be redeemed offline. It is essential to prepare employees in the branches. If you can't do anything with the action there, the measure tends to backfire.


Do you already have experience with Facebook Offers? What do you think are the success criteria? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

[Michael Weberberger]