How can I optimize Google Business GMB

Google My Business - In ten steps to more visitors for your business

Just like its partners Google Analytics and the Google Search Console, Google My Business is indispensable for a company's data management. As teased in our article “Why Google My Business is indispensable for your business”, the influence of a Google My Business entry as a ranking factor for your business is enormous. Therefore you should incorporate the following possibilities to perform with GMB as soon as possible.

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1. Accept your entry

Often the companies are not even aware that there is already a Google My Business entry under their name. In the past, these were created automatically via the yellow pages, or an outsider felt called to do so. However, you are only on the safe side as soon as you have taken over the entry in your own account! So get active before someone else does!


2. The basics: NAP data

NAP data stands for name, address and phone. With your company name, you should definitely avoid keyword stuffing, i.e. a string of many keywords. Also make sure that the address and telephone number are correct in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. It is also important that all of your data, whether on Google My Business or any business directories, is used consistently. Google loves consistent data, so this is an indirect ranking factor. With your address you must also make sure that the pin is placed in the right place, so the GEO data MUST be correct. Nobody wants to go to a company in a backyard forever.


opening hours

A central point is the specification of correct opening times. Nothing is more frustrating for a shop visitor than giving incorrect information about opening hours. Therefore, they should be checked and adjusted regularly.

There is also the possibility Special opening times specify. There I can define modified opening and closing times for certain times (e.g. Easter, public holidays, etc.) in advance.

For some time now it has been possible in the field "Further opening times" To store special opening times for certain events, e.g. kitchen times, brunch, delivery service, etc. This mostly relates to the catering trade.


3. Select suitable categories

In the Google My Business interface, you have the option of choosing the right one for you from various categories. The meaning behind this is that even if the visitor does not know your company name, at least there is a chance, if he is looking for an industry, to be found in this very industry. You should therefore choose your primary category in such a way that it reflects your exact company purpose. For example, if you are a vegan restaurant, write it down in exactly the same way instead of just writing “restaurant” in the field.


Pro tip: If you want to know which other categories your competitor has specified, you can find them in Google Maps in the source code:Simply go to Google Maps> enter your name> click on the entry and call up the source code with the right mouse button> search for main category.

Depending on which main category has been selected, there are certain Attributes available, which should also be used if possible:

Most of the attributes are available in the catering and hotel industry, but new attributes are constantly being added.

4. MUST be linked to your website

GMB offers you the opportunity to link to any type of online presence. Not only is this user-friendly, but it also brings you a free strong link from Google itself! If you have several branches (POIs) you should refer to the respective landing page.


5. Company description

A company description enables companies to present themselves attractively to potential customers. So create an attention-grabbing and meaningful description of a maximum of 750 characters. Note, however, that only the first 250 characters are visible without a click. One or the other keyword should definitely be found at the beginning. But keep an eye on the quality guidelines of Google, keywords in excess harm you rather than help you.


6. Product bar

Recently you have the option of displaying your company's products and services in your GMB entry directly in the Google search. This gives visitors an impression of your range of services and can also click on the appropriate landing page immediately. For example, it could look like this:


7. Photos and videos

As is well known, pictures and videos say more than 1000 words. They also beautify your entry and create trust. A photographer certified by Google offers you the opportunity to create 360-degree tours within the company for your visitors. This allows them to navigate independently through different rooms and feel as if they were there themselves. Without images, it can happen that simple Google Street View images are integrated. A negative example would be the following picture:

It is better like this:


The 360 ​​° images can be easily created with the Google Street View app. However, no walk through is possible with it. In order to be able to enjoy a 360 ° view with Walk Through, you need recordings from certified photographers. These allow you that visitors can virtually walk through your rooms. You can find a professional photographer at:


8. Google Posts

For some time now, all companies that have a Google My Business entry can create posts. Here you can regularly inform about events, offers or new products. But it is important that you keep an eye on the amount of text and image sizes. Because here too you should aim for a healthy level. However, the posts are only available for seven days and then disappear in the archive. Only events remain visible until the event date. So stay tuned and report on the latest.


9. Reviews

Who does not know it: the search for a restaurant. What are you, the customer, most interested in first and foremost? Correct! The reviews! They represent an essential decision-making criterion for visitors, attract attention and, last but not least, also flow into the ranking evaluation.

Unfortunately, someone with bad experiences is quicker to write reviews than someone who went well. But that should not discourage you! In any case, try to get your local customers to rate them. And if a 1 or 2 star rating flutters in: Don't bow your head, react! A quick response and understanding can improve the rating and also show that you care about your customers. Google's blog corroborates this statement and also states that consumers are 1.7 times more trustworthy than companies that respond to reviews than those that don't.


But please: hands off of fake reviews! When in doubt, this only backfires.

10. Q&A area

Actively uses the opportunity to ask meaningful questions yourself, but also to answer them. On the one hand you can scatter important keywords, on the other hand you actually help your readers.



Google My Business has the greatest impact on brands that want to present and boost their local online presence. So use as many Google features as possible in this regard, but keep your data up-to-date accordingly! Above all, always keep in mind that your Google My Business entry takes up a lot of space in Google's search results view and that Google does a large-scale advertisement for your company. And it's free!

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