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Fashion of the 70s: There is no way around this retro trend

Walle-Walle dresses, eye-catching patterns, bell-bottoms and dazzling disco outfits: hardly any other fashion decade still has as many fans as the 70s. No wonder, because the fashion is varied, super casual, wonderfully feminine and immediately turns each of us into a dreamy hippie girl or an eccentric diva.

Hippie, hip, hurray: long live the boho style!

"Make Love not War" this motto of the flower power movement also influenced the fashion of the seventies. Long, airy dresses made of flowing fabrics, flowers in their hair, large sunglasses and crocheted jackets populated the women's wardrobes and for many were much more than just clothes.

They were an expression of a free and self-determined life. The hippie or boho style is a real megatrend that has persisted since the 70s.

Clogs: The trend shoes of the 70s

Clogs are the embodiment of the 70s fashion in shoe shape. Because no other kick was as popular back then as the high slip-on sandals with clacking wooden heels. While kids of the 90s think of Dutch cheese when they hear "clogs", children of the 70s indulge in wistful memories of an exciting time.

The bell-bottoms: A Star is born

No other piece of clothing represents the fashion of the 70s better than bell-bottoms. Very popular at the time: strongly flared corduroy trousers. This year the retro part is celebrating its big revival: We come across the exhibited trousers in almost every autumn collection. Also authentic in the typical 70s colors rust red, cognac or mustard yellow. Here you can find out how to combine the flared trousers in a stylish way!

1971: The year the hot pants were born

When a woman walks through the city in hot pants or shorts today, it is no longer an excitement. In 1971 it was completely different. That's when the first hot pants came on the market and caused shocked looks, especially among the older generation.

This is Schluppe to me: Romantic blouses populate the fashion of the 70s

In addition to bell-bottoms, clogs and hippie dresses, the bow-tie blouse is one of the must-haves of the 1970s. The high-necked blouse with a bow (bow tie) on the neck looks almost conservative and innocent compared to the hot pants. By the way, skin-tight turtlenecks in warm orange, brown or yellow tones were just as popular as the bow tie blouse.

Groovy Baby: Disco fashion conquers the 70s!

70s fashion is much more than just boho. In the middle of the decade there was a counter-movement to the nature-related hippie style: disco fashion. Suddenly it was no longer festivals but clubs that were the "places to be" - above all the infamous "Studio 54" in New York City.

The wildest parties of the 70s took place there. In order to celebrate there, the outfit had to be perfect: sparkling overalls, dizzying platform shoes and of course the obligatory bell-bottoms in flashy colors and blatant patterns were popular in the disco light.

Sexy one-piece: the jumpsuit is THE must-have of the 70s

Who says long clothes can't be sexy? The trend part "jumpsuit" proved the opposite in the 70s. Skin-tight as he sat and cut deep, he left almost nothing to the imagination. The jumpsuits were part of the favorite wardrobe of disco goers AND (in the slightly wider version) of disco goers. Yes, men also slipped into the one-piece with bell-bottoms. Those who wanted to be particularly noticed put on a jumpsuit covered with shimmering sequins and became a walking disco ball.

Orange times: these are the colors of the 70s

Whether in the wardrobe, on the wallpaper, on the ceiling, in the living room corner, on the floor or in the kitchen cupboard: in the 70s, orange was simply everywhere! Incidentally, the trend color was often combined with mustard yellow, brown and olive green. These warm earth tones are wonderful for the autumn type. With the advent of funky disco fashion, gaudy colors such as neon yellow, purple, azure blue and bright green were added to the 70s color palette.

70s fashion interpreted in a modern way: These looks have the seventies style

You can't deny it: the 70s are back! No matter whether you look in at H&M, Zara or Mango: the shops are full of bell-bottoms, boho dresses and bow-tie blouses in the typical 70s colors and with eye-catching patterns. You can find the most beautiful parts in retro design in this gallery!

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