What are some unknown facts about Madagascar

Important facts about Madagascar and me

1. Basics
Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world after Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo and the flower island of Mainau. Recently there were no people living there; they came over from Indonesia on a dugout canoe just under 2,000 years ago and later mated with pirates in some nests. Among other things, they brought a sack of rice with them; Still side dish No. 1.

2. Communication
The Malagasy people speak Malagasy. A fascinating tongue: A great king at the end of the 18th century, for example, was called Andrianampoinimerinandriantsimitoviaminandriampanjaka, the son of Ranavalonanandriambelomasina and Andriamiaramanjaka. Translated, this means astonishingly succinctly "Prince in the heart of the Merina ”.His friends called him Andrianampoinimerina briefly and affectionately (do me a favor and say it out loud). The capital city name Antananarivo, on the other hand, is a piece of cake.

Many Malagasy people also speak French like their last colonial rulers. I can of course also speak French. Once: "Vin rouge s’il vous plaît". And: "C’est bon, geramont geramont". Oh la la.

3. Decoration
Madagascar was separated from Africa 150 million years ago and from the Indian subcontinent 90 million years ago. That was a damn long time ago, and because the island no longer wanted to get involved with another continent, it did its own thing. That's why there are around 70 to 80 percent of the plants and animals here - uh ... only here.

4. Transportation
Whether taxi brousse, pousse pousse or the wooden cart pulled by zebus - the craziest mode of transport is rumored to be the state airline Air Madagascar. It is commonly just called "Air Mad". I don't have to say more, I think.

5. Summary
I'll take a look at this. Hot.


Photos: Alex Dunkel (Visionholder); Philippe-Auguste Ramanankirahina; EmmanuelFAIVRE

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