What is calibration in measurement technology


Regular quality controls on measuring devices are required by almost all quality assurance standards. However, there is another convincing reason to have the accuracy of your measuring devices certified time and again: the feeling of security. Because only when you know for sure that your devices are working properly can you trust the reliability of your measurements. A certainty that is just as important for your company as it is for your customers.

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As one of the largest independent calibration laboratories in Germany, esz AG offers your company the option of having the entire equipment pool calibrated, serviced, serviced and repaired from a single source. If you want to be sure that all your measurements are internationally comparable, precise and repeatable, you need certainty and the highest level of quality. With over 200 accredited measurement parameters, esz AG is one of the leading laboratories in Europe. So you can count on one of the most powerful calibration services. Only through regular calibrations can your measuring devices be tested for full functionality, measurement deviations determined and measurement errors avoided. Because errors can be expensive: so prevent possible product liability risks through regular calibrations.

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Measurement technology also accompanies you in daily life. Partly perceived consciously, partly invisible, the measurement technology is the basis for a wide range of decisions. Measurement technology accompanies you when shopping, in the apartment and when building housing, in medicine to safeguard and protect your health and wherever something has to be billed. Exact measurement means knowledge, and knowledge is the basis for decisions. Reliable calibrations of your measuring devices are the basis for reliable measuring technology. And you get this security from esz AG calibration & metrology.

What does calibration mean? - Definition of the term calibration

Calibration means the determination and documentation of the deviation of the display of a measuring device from the reference value and according to the German edition 2010 of the dictionary for metrology (VIM or JCGM 200 of the Bureau International des Poids et Measures BIPM) calibration is defined as "Activity that, under specified conditions, in a first step creates a relationship between the quantity values ​​made available by standards with their measurement uncertainties and the corresponding displays with their associated measurement uncertainties, and in a second step uses this information to create a relationship with their help a measurement result is obtained from a display. Calibration should not be confused with adjustment of a measuring system, which is often called self-calibration and also not with verification of the calibration. "

What is calibration?

With this definition of the term, calibration means that a measurement is carried out in which the measurement object (the test item or calibration item) is compared with the values ​​of a better and traced standard according to a documented procedure. The aim is to identify and document deviations. Using the example of a thermometer calibration, it would mean that the value of a standard thermometer (known with an accuracy of e.g. 0.2 K) is initially displayed under specified conditions such as constant room temperature and is compared with the display of a measurement object in order to be Result of determining the difference between the target and the standard. An adjustment of the system could have preceded such a process, for example by adjusting the reference thermometer at the ice point, but is neither part of the system or self-calibration nor the calibration itself of the monitor to understand. The output values ​​are corrected here based on the measurement results. This definition of the term defines the original task of calibration laboratories, which is followed by all services.

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Calibration of electrical measurands

Electrical calibrations are used in almost all areas of research and development, industry and technology as well as medicine, food technology and the environment. Electrical calibrations play a key role in metrology, as most of the measured variables are converted or transformed into electrical signals at the sensor. more »

Calibration of high frequency measurands

For calibrations up to 67 GHz, esz AG's high-frequency laboratory is one of the best-equipped laboratories in Europe. With the help of the reference devices kept ready, the HF working standards of all users from communication electronics, communications technology, avionics, radio traffic or high-frequency technology as well as measuring devices from industry and research at home and abroad are traced back in various coaxial systems and calibrated with the highest accuracy more »

Calibration of length

The esz laboratories for the calibration of dimensional measurands complement the business field of electrical calibration for customers from machine, vehicle and aircraft construction in all industries. At reference conditions of 20 ° C ± 1 K (typically even ± 0.5 K), the technicians calibrate on the most modern machines from the measurement technology supplier Mahr. more »

Calibration of mechanical measured variables

The laboratory areas for pressure, scales / weights (mass), force, vibration, shock, acceleration and torque cover further measuring areas of industrial technology. How big, how heavy, how strong, how fast? Esz answers these questions with the utmost precision. more »

Calibration of temperature and humidity

In the department for thermometry, temperature and environmental parameters, the technicians at esz AG work with temperature control systems from -80 ° C to +1100 ° C. Platinum resistance temperature sensors with the lowest drift allow measurement uncertainties of less than 15 mK with automatic characteristic curve correction. more »

Vehicle testing technology

The automotive industry uses a variety of test equipment in all workshops, inspection centers, test centers and test bases of the technical monitoring organizations (such as TÜV, Dekra & Co.).
more »

On-site calibration

For those who need their measuring devices on a daily basis, every day of downtime means downtime. The mobile calibration service of esz AG calibration & metrology ensures that the calibration can be carried out on site, be it in production, in development or in the test field, with minimal downtime. more »

DKD laboratory and DAkkS calibration

Esz AG calibration & metrology is one of the leading and largest calibration laboratories in Europe. The number of accredited measurands and measuring ranges according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 confirms this. It is now much easier to enumerate company areas and measurands for which there is no accreditation. more »