How can we work with our fear

When fear determines your own life: ways out of the spiral of fear

In addition to the psyche, fears have a major impact on the physical state of our body. Fear can literally paralyze us. It is all the more important to learn to listen to and pay attention to your body. The maxim “Find out for yourself what is good for you and what makes you feel good” applies. Above all, a healthy diet promotes well-being and has a lot of positive effects on your own body. Science shows that an incorrect diet (excessive consumption of sugar, a lot of fat, white flour) adversely affects the composition of the intestinal flora (intestinal bacteria). . The intestinal bacteria play an important role as microorganisms in the human body and, together with thousands of nerve cells in the intestinal wall, serve as a communication channel to the central nervous system. They are therefore also involved in mental processes, i.e. feeling, thinking and acting.


In addition to diet and exercise, there are other things that increase personal well-being. For many people, music plays a central role in life. Your own favorite song relaxes and evokes positive emotions. A physiological chain reaction is responsible for this. The body releases growth hormones and other proteins that ultimately ensure that the adrenal glands produce fewer stress hormones (adrenaline or cortisol). Result: blood pressure and heart rate drop, the feeling of fear subsides.