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Psychopaths: Symptoms / Checklists And How To Deal With Them

Written by lupo cattivo - 17/02/2010 I have extracted the following from the website Quantumfuture, which offers a very extensive SERIES on the subject of psychopaths - as a supplement to the already published PATHOCRACY article Psychopaths Checklist according to Cleckley 1. Considerable, supernatural charm and average or slightly above average intelligence 2. absence of Grenwahn (?) or other signs of irrational thinking 3. absence of fear or other neurotic symptoms; considerable self-confidence, calmness, and verbal skill 4. Unreliability, disregard of obligations, no sense of responsibility in big or small things 5. Insincerity, dishonesty 6. Antisocial behavior that is carried out haphazardly, apparently stemming from an inexplicable impulsiveness 7. Antisocial behavior, motivated to a disproportionately large extent 8. Poor judgment and failure to learn from experience 9. Pathological egocentrism. Total self-sufficiency, inability to feel real love and connection 10. General lack of feeling of deep and persistent emotions 11. Lack of any real insight; Inability to see oneself as others do 12. Ingratitude for special expenses, kindness and trust Fantastic and reprehensible behavior under the influence of alcohol, sometimes also without the influence of alcohol; Obscurity, rudeness, moodiness, playing pranks. No history of real suicide attempts. An impersonal, trivial and poorly integrated sex life. Living life not according to plan or in an orderly manner, unless it is a matter of self-thwarting plans

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There is no crime, no trick, no trick, no fraud, no vice that does not live on secrecy. Bring these secrets to light, describe them, make them ridiculous in front of everyone, and sooner or

Very often the typical psychopath will come across as particularly pleasant and will make a very good impression at the first meeting. Bright and friendly in his way, he's very easy to talk to and he seems to have many authentic areas of interest. There is nothing wrong with him and he is a well-adjusted, cheerful person in every way. Because of his serenity, he does not appear as someone who pretends to be something or wants to sell anything. He's hard to mistake for a professional pat on the back, or someone who just wants to integrate for a covert reason. Signs of affection or excessive kindness are not characteristic. He just looks real.

Very often there are hints of good conversation and logical thinking. It is likely that after the first meeting you will think that this normal and kind person also has solid skills. Psychometric tests often show that he is of superior intelligence. Even more than the average person, he appears to be free of social or emotional barriers, the little problems, tics, and awkwardnesses that are so numerous even among the successful. Such supernatural characteristics are not only found in this group, but are common.

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ridiculous, and sooner or later public opinion will sweep them away. Announcement alone may not be enough; but it is the only means without which all others fail.

Supernatural characteristics are not only found in this group, but are common.

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It must of course be admitted that the psychopath has some affect. Affect here may also be a component in the sum of the reactions in life even from a single-celled protoplasmic being. Of course, it is also evident in all mammals. The relatively small areas of joy, annoyance, and hostility experienced by psychopaths have already been mentioned. The opinion held here is that the psychopath fails to know all of these more serious and deeply moving affective states that make up the tragedy and triumph of the ordinary life, or life at the level of important human experience

Checklist according to Hare Hare's PCL-R 20 point list is based on Cleckley's 16 point checklist.
1. Smooth and superficial charm The tendency to be edgeless, engaging, charming, smooth and verbally simple. Psychopathic C harme is not shy at all, but is confident and not afraid to say anything. A psychopath has never fallen on the tongue. You have freed yourself from social conventions, for example slipping into conversations. 2. Grandiose Self-Esteem An extremely inflated view of your own abilities and self-worth. Is self-affirming, biased, cocky, and a braggart. Psychopaths are arrogant people who think they are superior people. 3. Need for stimulation or tendency to boredom An excessive need for new, exciting and exciting stimulation. Take the opportunity and do risky things. Psychopaths often have low levels of self-discipline in completing tasks as they get bored easily. For example, they are unable to do the same job for long periods of time, or do tasks that they find dull or monotonous. 4. Pathological lying Can be moderate to high. In moderate form, they are cunning, cunning, cunning, stealthy, and cunning; in the extreme form they are deceptive, misleading, deceitful, insidious, stealthy, unscrupulous, manipulative and dishonest. 5. Domination and manipulation The use of deception and deception to deceive, trick or deceive others for personal added value. Differs from No. 4 only in the degree of exploitation and mean unscrupulousness, which is reflected in a lack of consideration for the feelings and sufferings of its victims. 6. Lack of remorse or guilt A lack of emotion or consideration for the victims' loss, pain, and suffering. A tendency to be indifferent, dispassionate, cold-hearted, and devoid of empathy. This problem usually manifests itself through the contempt of its victims. 7. Superficial affect Emotional poverty or a restricted area or depth of emotions. Interpersonal coldness, despite signs of open sociability. 8. Naughtiness and lack of empathy A lack of feelings towards people in general. Cold, scornful, inconsiderate and tactless. 9. Parasitic Lifestyle An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others, manifested by a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and an inability to begin or end accountability. 10. Poor control of behavior

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Prevention of further plans of the pathocracy. It's not about: WHO INVENTED IT? the bike, but that it is used by as many as possible!

Expressions of irritability, anger, impatience, threat, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temperament. Acts rashly. 11. Indiscriminate Sexual Behavior A variety of short, superficial relationships, countless affairs, and indiscriminate choices of sexual partners. Maintaining multiple relationships at the same time. A story of attempts to force others into sexual activity or to proudly discuss the sexual exploitation or conquest. 12.Early behavior disorders A variety of behaviors before the age of 13Age years, such as lying, stealing, cheating, vandalism, flogging, sexual activity, setting fire, sniffing glue, alcohol abuse, and running away from home. 13. Lack of realistic, long-term goals An inability or constant failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals. A nomadic existence, aimlessly, with no direction in life. Exactly here (and in the red lines marked above) is the DISINFORMATION The aim here is to convey that long-term thinking like that of the Rothschild empire for 250 years and the FED plan for 100 years, that dynastic thinking does not match the characteristics of Psychopaths can be congruent. 14. Impulsiveness The occurrence of behavior that is unintentional with a lack of thought and planning. Inability to resist temptation, frustration, and urge. A lack of caution without considering the consequences. Reckless, careless, unpredictable, erratic and daring. 15. Irresponsibility Repeated failure to meet or honor obligations and obligations, such as not paying bills, being in arrears with paying loans, delivering sloppy work, absent from work or showing up too late, as well as non-compliance with contractual obligations Agreements. 16. Failure to take responsibility for one's own deeds A failure to take responsibility for one's own deeds, which is reflected by low conscientiousness, an absence of sense of duty, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial. 17. Many short-term marital relationships A lack of commitment to long-term relationships, as reflected in inconsistent, independent, and unstable commitments in life, including marriages. 18. Juvenile delinquency Behavior problems between the ages of 13 and 18 years. Mostly behavior that is criminal or involves aspects of antagonism, exploitation, aggression, manipulation or hardened, unscrupulous thoughtlessness. 19. Withdrawal of conditional dismissal A withdrawal of the probationary period or other conditional dismissals due to technical violations, such as recklessness, carelessness or absenteeism. 20. Criminal Diversity A variety of criminal offenses of all kinds, regardless of whether the person has been arrested or convicted. Take pride in not being caught committing a crime. I hope to educate the reader about some of the more common signs that the person in question usually exudes males, and to warn them to get away from them as quickly as possible! The faster you can spot a problematic person, the better off you are. A quick check is his / her placement on the asshole scale. But it should also be kept in mind that not every fool or idiot is necessarily psychotic! However, the psychopath is an extreme form of the asshole personality, only they have learned to hide it most of the time and appear to be nice, charming people. They have gotten developmentally stuck in their early years, and are still fighting the battles of authority and parental control over them! [from An American Obsession ... the Psychopath]

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and still fight in the battles of authority and parental control over them! [from An American Obsession ... the Psychopath] Our big thanks go to the owners of the Psychopathic Personality Disorder website for their kind permission to share their research. Before we started our research, we had no idea how common the problem was and how many victims there are. How to deal with psychopaths: Wendy Koenigsmann writes: When you leave a psychopath you have to either expect him to be the type who doesn't make noise but who ruins your reputation by spreading lies OR you can do a lot expect obvious attempts at manipulation (the final attempt to gain power and control).

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For example: I left a psychopath once, and to this day, if he gets the chance, he'll tell my friends to warn me that I'm just a fly on his windshield and that he has the ability to like me to destroy an insect. In the meantime he has told false stories about me to everyone who listens to him. Why is he doing this? After dealing with this annoying behavior for almost two years, I came to the following conclusion: Although you cannot really love another person, and have no real deep feelings, they relate to others through power and control. If one should actually try to lower his power and control (in his eyes it really is), he will respond to it to some extent. I am convinced that some individuals are strong enough to stand up against a psychopath; Unfortunately, not all people can, and most psychopaths manage to permanently harm their victims. I recently asked Field what to do when faced with the lies of a psychopath (Field calls them sociopaths) and the apparent lack of justice when it comes to their behavior. Field replied:

The main lesson I learned is that the normal rules of decency do not apply. You're dealing with someone who has no empathy, conscience, remorse, and guilt. It's a completely different mindset. Words like ruber and bse are often used for this.

If you try to deal with a psychopath in an ethical way, you will be disappointed. Dr. William Higgins claims that you cannot negotiate or haggle with a psychopath. Not only will psychopaths deny and trivialize the past, but they will avoid answering questions directly; and even if they seem to answer them, you can be sure that it was not the answer you were originally looking for. It is said that even if they answer directly, they never bring up the actual subject, although when it serves them they claim to be honorable. But the reader should not be fooled, because this is what the psychopath wants to do to his victim, he wants to shame you while he wants to build you into his plans; On the other hand, according to Hare, psychopaths sometimes seem to express remorse, but their actions and words contradict them. [Hare, 41]. Psychopaths can apologize or show remorse just to get away with it, but they end up stabbing you in the back and realizing how hollow their words were. The psychopath does not seem to be able to remember what he / she said or did. He always seems to live in the present. This is the reason why, as makers, they are often guilty of great promises that they do not keep. Again, it will be the victim who has to live with the aftermath of all the twists and turns of a psychopath; and if the victim is annoyed enough by him / her, it will be discredited as flawed and the psychopath will often portray himself / herself as the victim. As serial killer John Wayne Gacy once said: I was the victim, I was betrayed of my childhood. When trying to get justice from a psychopath, one must be aware that if one does not have unwavering steadfastness, one will have to pay the price oneself; one becomes through the experience of the psychopath

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be even more confused and insecure, and one will be tempted to fight fire with fire. In some cases, our society even allows psychopathy because we don't really tackle dizziness and lying behavior (a good example: Bill Clinton). Psychopaths are also adept at tricking their own psychiatrist. For example: Two people I knew boasted that they loved playing unsettling games with their psychiatrists. I was just a case study.They could never really figure out what was wrong with me, so I just played games with them, one of them said. He also learned from reading about psychiatry and therapy that he could just blame someone else to get away. I just blamed someone else, he said bluntly. For example, when asked why he hated his mom so much (claiming she had abused him physically / mentally / emotionally), he replied, Because my mom all the asses she dropped on me projected. (.) While few psychopaths commit violent crimes, the indolence of the average psychopath ranges from subtle, though still devastating, misdeeds:

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Parasitic bleeding of others from their possessions, savings, and dignities; aggressive doing and taking what they want; shameless neglect of the physical and emotional needs of their families; engaging in an endless series of random, impersonal, and trivial sexual relationships, and so on. [Hare, 45].

That is the main characteristic of their lack of empathy. One should also be warned that psychopaths put a great deal of effort (at the expense of the victim) into making plans, creating expectations, etc. But they give little, if any, in return. If he knows that he has done something that you will not agree to, he will keep an escape route open. Most normal people generally do it that way, but the psychopath does it out of selfishness, greed, and deceit. He doesn't care whether it hurts our feelings or not; whatever meanness he can come up with, once the show is over with him, he will no longer try to hide it. I would like to relate an experience of a friend from Japan. She communicated with a man who lived in San Diego for over a year, and during that time of her phone calls and correspondence he seemed so sweet, considerate, and kind. She mentioned how touchingly his e-mails were written, and so on. It got to the point that this man asked my girlfriend if she would marry him and to top it off he promised her that there was a job vacancy in the town where he lived and even sent her a letter this company with the relevant information. Well, my girlfriend believed him and came to the United States to marry him. When they first met, she noticed how it was the beginning of the end and that she should have seen it come. When they met at the airport, she told him she had to make a phone call, and instead of letting her use his cell phone, he told her to use a phone booth. My friend, although naive, noticed even then that this action contradicted the person she had met on the phone and through the e-mails. She said that while she was a little shocked, she married him anyway. As the weeks passed, things got worse. She found there was no vacancy, and the letter he'd sent her was just the company's letterhead, copied onto another piece of paper. In other words, her new husband had faked to trick her. Next, she started getting calls from women in the Philippines and Canada who told her that her husband had invited her (online) to come and live with him. My friend was so furious that she kept telling these women over and over that he was lying to them all for doing this big hoax on her. The women didn't believe it (why do women tend not to believe another woman when she wants to warn them), but in the end my friend said: If you want to see proof that I am married to him, come here and me will prove it to you. Eventually she learned from friends and family that this Mr. Wunderbar was a pathological liar who had a long history of exploiting women, that his mother covered his tracks. Sad to say it wasn't the only thing she discovered. I can only confirm this, and that is why I do

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it wasn't the only thing she discovered. I can only confirm this, and this is also the reason why I (Wendy Koenigsmann) wrote this article, because I can only tell you that these people are out there, and I don't want anything to happen to anyone else, or must have the same experiences as what happened to my girlfriend or me. It is my aim to use this website to inform more and more people and not only women but also men so that they do not become victims themselves. It is a truly painful experience. So what's the sad truth about dealing with psychopaths? Either you avoid them in the first place, or if you found out too late or suspect something, you avoid them afterwards. Either further contact with them will be genuinely harmful. Once you come into contact with a few of them, like many people I know, you learn to look out for the red flags. This is not meant to mean that one should get paranoid about it, just cautiously. The fact is, despite all the studies and new therapies for lifelong bad behavior, psychopaths are hardwired. Dr. med. Leland M. Heller writes that people who exhibit this disorder have symptoms such as lying, cheating, cruelty, criminal behavior, irresponsibility, lack of conscience, bad relationships, exploitation, manipulation, destructiveness, irritability, aggressiveness, and failure at work. Many do not show criminal behavior, but behave antisocially in socially accepted professions. Alcohol makes the disorder worse, and psychopaths are very susceptible to substance abuse. The reasons are often a need for parental discipline, dealing in bad company and low ties to parents [Heller, 75]. But the reasons are mostly biological. Another characteristic is their unusual way of dealing with words, because they cannot distinguish between neutral and emotional words. A psychopathic person once told me that they are skillfully afraid of hypodermic needles, but the word skillful implies ability. Instead of saying mortal fear, she said deftly, not realizing it was wrong.1 (read Hare's book for more interesting examples). Strangely enough, many find the verbal deafness of a psychopath extremely charming. And psychopaths tend to talk a lot, especially when trying to be charming. The question is, can you spot them before they get you? It is important to investigate whether you yourself are the type who could be captured by them, whether in principle you could become their prey by believing them. Some people believe that worrying about psychopathy is irrelevant, but they are wrong. Psychopathy causes massive harm in our society and affects all levels of our life. It causes diseases and disorders such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Innocent victims of psychopaths lose money, and these social burdens are causing great economic damage to our society. I want to emphasize once again that I believe that most women transfer what they want to believe to the psychopath, and that is to such an extent that it is drawn in an unrealistic light. Thus psychopaths can play games with our minds even in this relationship. Most psychopath victims only see what they want to see at the beginning. This is why Field says: Naivety is the greatest enemy. Many also cling to the belief that their lover (the psychopath) simply has a few problems, like everyone else, rather than the symptoms of a personality disorder. [Black, 59] In Susan Forward's book When Your Lover is a Liar, the problem of psychopathy and the way psychopaths manipulate women is shown. The author of this book believes that the psychopath gets the greatest thrill from dazzling women. People who are emotionally neutral cannot understand what kind of tickling this is supposed to be, or why someone takes such action just to fool someone. Yet, as Heller says, psychopaths feel no guilt and actually enjoy their antisocial behavior. [Heller, 76].I think what makes psychopaths most dangerous is that they can be extremely charming, persuasive, and have a surprisingly good understanding of other people's needs and weaknesses, as it is in Action in Psychology: even when opposed to their rights When acquaintances behave indifferently, they are often able to evoke feelings of trust and confidence, as best illustrated by a psychopath confirming that everything is fine and lying in the face in a seemingly honest and frankly tough manner to stab you in the back as soon as you turn away from him for a second. In the end, you will recognize them by their fruits, so to speak. They'll make it clear who the boss is, as one female victim put it in Hare's book Without Consience: she couldn't understand how someone (the psychopath she knew) could choose his or her way into her life and then just choose disappear. But that's how they operate. Another extremely strong characteristic to look out for, according to Hare, is the psychopath's pleasure in tricking someone. It is as if the psychopath does not need to lie or if it is pointless to lie; the only pleasure is achieved by ripping someone off. As for shit, etc., among the most obvious links is one between ASF (Antisocial Personality Disorder, Psychopathy) and abuse of alcohol or other drugs [Black, 91], although most psychopaths would never admit

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that they have a drinking problem, even if it's obvious. Can Psychopaths Change? Can you change it? No, they choose to be who they are, even though they have some personality disorder. Dr. Black, however, believes that even the patients who show the greatest change appear unable to gauge the impact their actions are having on those around them. You may continue to live in emotional isolation. Self-interest is a natural component of human appearance, but it is particularly strong in antisocials, rendering many of them unable to develop compassion, conscience, and other qualities necessary for successful social relationships. [Black, 144]

Don't expect miracles So, whether they can or want to change or not, studies have shown that in general they don't change, so don't waste time trying to help them or wanting to change them because the help you get offers them, will always be repaid in full by them in the form of treason. BlackBlack, 185] The end result is that one will be psychologically shattered. also believes victims fear revenge or other possible consequences.
Some people who feel they have to save others (C o addicts), and maybe even a little proud of having to prove their point, often fall prey to psychopaths because they do not want to admit the truth. I also want to mention that some psychopaths seem to have some insight into the make-up of their own personalities (I'm an idiot, etc.); however, this does not mean that they care how they behave. You choose to be like that. The phase after dealing with these people, the recovery process, can be a long, slow and painful process, according to Field. But one must remember that when one has been a victim (target), one has only been the last in a long line of people on whom he (the psychopath) has had to unload his aggression. He will very likely do this for his entire life. Sad to say: Antisocials (psychopaths) spend their final years alone, sometimes plagued by regrets that they never knew what they were missing out on before it was too late. [Black, 89] Do I find this a sad fact? Yes. It is very sad and I find it extremely unhappy that there are people who live their lives this way. But, as I said, I cannot stress it enough: no matter how much compassion or compassion you may have for a psychopathic person, do not try to save them. You just end up getting hurt yourself. As my friend from Japan explained, these people just don't care if what they're doing is ruining your life! They can ruin your life! Brain whisperer Kevin Dutton: There are people who can influence our perception of the world extremely, for better or for worse, sometimes in a matter of seconds. What was clearly black before suddenly appears just as clearly white. We allow ourselves to be changed, although ten horses would not have dissuaded us from our opinion beforehand. We fall for tricks when we ought to know better. Which means, which psychological clubs are used here? What is going on in the human brain? How is it that we can be manipulated in this way? Brain whisperer

The Evil In Us Theo R. Payk: What makes people sadists, serial killers and rapists? What is going on in rampages, what is going on in terrorists? Which behavior is actually bad and how do psychology, philosophy and religion comment on it? Theo R. Payk reveals the dark side of humans and shows how moral standards develop and change. He presents a comprehensive picture of evil and explains its origins with findings from behavioral biology, social science, psychopathology and brain research. The evil in us