Siri is smarter than Alexa

Siri on the Homepod smarter than Alexa

Kris Wallburg

The Homepod by is not exactly the star among the home hubs. Although the device is equipped with excellent speakers, the rival products from Amazon and Google are ahead in terms of functionality. Apple is often accused of neglecting the Siri voice assistance software in recent years. But a study shows: Siri is catching up.

EnlargeThe most famous smart speakers were put to the test by Loup Ventures
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Above all, the Homepod can do one thing: play music. This is what the device is known for. The built-in speakers offer excellent sound and the device is directly linked to Apple Music. Otherwise, the Homepod is behind in many ways. The Google Assistant is now ready to take calls for you (but only on Pixel devices from Pixel 2 and only in the USA). And thanks to the open "Skills" programming interface, Amazon's Alexa is now linked to numerous third-party applications. It is therefore not particularly surprising that the Homepod's market share is just under 6 percent.

But Apple seems to have recognized the problem and is apparently taking steps to make Siri, and with it the Homepod, smarter. The result can be seen in a study by the American market research and investment company Loup Ventures. According to the study, Google is still the leader when it comes to smart assistants, but the lead over the competition is diminishing. And: Apple's Siri makes the biggest leap compared to the previous year.

Four devices, five categories

A total of four different smart hubs were tested. In addition to Google Home and Apple's Homepod, Amazon's Echo and Microsoft's Smart Speaker with Cortana were also tested. 800 different inquiries from five different categories were sent to the devices. The categories are: Local, Shopping, Navigation, Information and Commands. It was checked whether the devices understand the request and, in the second step, - whether they can process the request correctly. In four of the five categories, Google Home was ahead, especially in the area of ​​shopping. Although Amazon's Echo is directly connected to Amazon Services, Google Home was able to deliver better search results and, if necessary, order directly.

EnlargeWhen it comes to smart speakers, Google Home is still the leader

Apple's Homepod takes second place across the board, in three out of five categories. The Homepod performed particularly well in the area of ​​commands, as these can, if necessary, be passed on directly to iPhones that are linked to the same Apple ID. The HomePod achieved the worst result in the area of ​​shopping. It has to be said, however, that it is not designed for this either.

Homepod with the greatest progress

The improvement compared to studies of the last few years is remarkable. The Apple Homepod was able to improve the most of all services and achieved an overall increase of 22 percent. The other services only improved in the single-digit percentage range. This result shows that Apple has also recognized the trend and is doing a lot to improve its own smart speakers and Siri in general.

EnlargeApple's HomePod has improved by 22 percent compared to the previous year.