How can I listen to my soul

Listen to the soul

We live in a complex world; Stress, fears and worries about the future are daily companions and what was considered stable and reliable appears brittle and fragile today. This applies to both private life and the professional reality of many people. Security is so close at hand - it lies in everyone, in our soul. The human soul suffers from individual stress, from dehumanization, from being overwhelmed and injured, from too little interpersonal support, from a lack of support and love. But it also has resilience, inner strength and vitality. She is capable of joie de vivre, accomplishing great tasks, compassion and love. As an inner compass, it helps you to go your own way more calmly and with more confidence. Michael Tischinger uses his own experiences and the experiences of patients to show how you can get in touch with your own soul and discover and use your inner compass. Numerous impulse questions and exercises create a direct practical reference to one's own life; Carefully selected quotes and poems complement the text and deepen the big questions about finding meaning, self-knowledge and self-determination. The path to one's own identity often begins with a life crisis that gets you out of the daily grind and shakes you up, makes you aware of the unconscious mode of survival and helps you to come to life again for the first time or at last. If the self-esteem previously depended heavily on simple functioning or external circumstances, it is now possible to gain a new, essential knowledge in the depths of the soul. Michael Tischinger names two essential prerequisites for coming into contact with one's own soul: mindfulness and patience. This requires times of the soul in which one can feel one's fears, needs, hopes and longings. These can be very different from one individual to the next: a Lent, a pilgrimage, a trip to the sea or meeting like-minded people. But there is also the possibility of creating space for self-care in everyday life. The point is to free yourself from external constraints and expectations: to direct the antennae inwards, "in order to experience what our needs and our own ideas of a successful life look like and how we can bring them into harmony with external reality" says the author. That can only succeed if you are willing to put away the old in order to be open to new things. Change is often associated with uncertainty and fear, but the closer you are to your own soul, the easier it will be to make decisions and accept new developments. Michael Tischinger invites you to feel your own soul, to get to know its movements and to trust your voice. He encourages and encourages to go the very own, authentic way, because "true freedom is not primarily an external freedom, but a quality of our soul that comes from within".

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