How is rose water good for the skin

How rose water makes the skin more beautiful and the complexion clearer

You could go romantic or poetic now. Rave about the rose as a proof of love, about the delicate scent it emanates or the wow effect as a bouquet. But the rose is more than beauty itself, it also makes you beautiful. Processed in rose water, it also acts for the beauty of the skin on which it is sprayed. What is behind the hype about the essential rose water?

Beauty trend: why rose water is now worthwhile

You can eat rose water. But you can also spray it on your face and body and benefit even more from the fragrant water. Because it is full of natural antioxidants and valuable vitamins. Rose water supplies the skin with moisture, has a calming and balancing effect. Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also suitable for blemished skin and can support the healing process. This is not supposed to be a declaration of love for rose water, but it could - because all-round the effect of the rose is incredibly good and indispensable once you have tried it.

What else can rose water do for the skin? Cure herpes. The antiseptic effects of rose water and rose oil help counteract herpes viruses. Even mature skin can be smoothed through regular use of rose water, which is why a product with rose water can also be worthwhile in terms of anti-aging. With regular use, wrinkles are reduced, the skin aging process slowed down and the skin visibly gains in elasticity and elasticity. Even women with very dry or sensitive skin can use rose water in their daily care routine. Thanks to its pH-neutralizing properties and valuable active ingredients, rose water is suitable for all skin types.

Rose water: this is how you integrate it into your daily beauty routine

Rose water can easily replace the facial tonic after daily cleansing. For this, it is simply applied to the skin with a cotton pad or as a Face crap Sprayed on the complexion for in between. Even in summer, the fragrant water is a pleasant refreshment, soothes the skin when the temperature rises and gives it a healthy glow. Rose water is not only good for the care routine on the face, it is also an all-rounder for the whole body - it has a calming effect after shaving because it prevents skin irritation.

BAZAAR tip: If the rose water is stored in the refrigerator, the cooling effect is even more intense after spraying.

Rose water beauty trend: 5 ways to use it

Rose water is not only suitable for the care of bare skin, but can also be used in conjunction with make-up. As Setting spray It fixes makeup and gives the skin a fresh look finish - the pleasant scent of roses is not to be despised as a side effect (keyword: aromatherapy!). Rose water is also suitable for removing the last residue of the foundation and clarifying the complexion. To do this, soak a cotton ball with the water and rub it over the face and neck.

The natural cleansing of the skin works particularly well when coconut oil is mixed with a few drops of rose water. Works especially well for removing eye makeup. The mascara almost melts under the soaked cotton pad.

2. For puffy eyes

Puffy eyes disappear in no time with rose water. How it works? Quite simply: The delicate spray mist covers the skin area and makes it more alert thanks to the cooling effect. The effect is enhanced by the decongestant effect of the rose extract.

What is good for the skin, the hair also likes. As a rinse or leave-in conditioner, rose water makes your hair shine. To do this, after washing your hair, care for the towel-dried tips and lengths with a few sprays of rose water. Smells heavenly and cares for dry or brittle hair. The water also helps with dandruff, itchy or oily scalp, because it stimulates cell renewal. The active ingredients of the rose soothe the sensitive scalp and remove excess fats without having a drying effect.

Once you have discovered the delicate scent of the rose, you will not want to limit its use to body care. For this reason, rose water and oil are also increasingly used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapist Elaine Zimmermann recommends the scent of the rose for everyone who feels stressed and weak. The active ingredients have a harmonizing effect and contribute to relaxation. Those who suffer from insomnia spray some rose water in the air in the bedroom or on the pillow.

If the rose scent is to fill the room, an aroma lamp or diffuser is recommended. Rose oil and rose water also work excellently as bath additives. Due to the warmth of the water, the essential oil unfolds its full effect, leaving not only velvety skin but also a positive disposition. "Rose hydrolate is (so far) the only hydrolate of which I use over half a liter per year, as it can be used for almost everything," says the aromatherapist.

Hands up who has ever eaten roses. They are by no means poisonous as long as you ingest the water of the rose. Flower water has been used in Arabic and Turkish cuisine for centuries. Whether in desserts or with hearty dishes such as rice: rose water gives food a unique, floral taste. However, this is not the only reason why you should include rose water in your diet: The ingredients of the rose also have an effect on the body. For example, rose water helps with important detoxification processes. Rose water also has a positive effect on the digestive system.

Recipe for rose rice for 4 people

  • two cups of basmati rice
  • half an onion
  • two carnations
  • three to four cups of water
  • two tablespoons of raisins
  • three tablespoons of rose water

Soak the raisins in the rose water an hour before preparation. This gives the raisins enough time to soak up the rose water. Slowly cook the rice together with the cloves and the onion (leave whole) in a saucepan with water. Once the rice is soft enough, remove the cloves and onion. Then fold the pickled raisins and the rest of the rose water into the rice and let it steep briefly. The aromatic side dish is particularly suitable for vegetable curries or tagines. Important: If you want to drink or eat rose water, you should only use pure rose water and not confuse it with beauty products, which often contain other additives.

Shop pure rose water

How to find the perfect rose water

Rose water is a by-product of the distillation of rose oil and is made from the Rosa centifolia orRosa damascena won. Since the essential oils of the rose are part of the water, rose water is also known as "essential water" or "rose hydrosol". A hydrolate is nothing more than the condensate that forms during the distillation of flowers and contains water-soluble plant substances and proportions of essential oils. The ingredients of the hydrosol give the rose water its positive effect on body and mind. Traditionally, rose water is mainly produced in Morocco, Bulgaria, India, Lebanon, Iran and Oman.

Incidentally, real rose water must not be confused with the extract from rose petals. Pure, natural rose water costs around 50 euros per liter. The price of rose water results from the complex production of rose oil. About 5000 kilograms of flowers are processed for one liter of oil. This also makes the rose flower water a high-quality beauty product.

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