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The Mandalorian
Original title: The Mandalorian, Season (s): 2, Series start USA: November 12, 2019, Series start Germany: March 31, 2020

A new, mysterious warrior in Mandalorian armor has arrived war of stars: The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after the Emperor's death in the Battle of Endor and 4 years after the sinking of the Imperial fleet in the Battle of Jakku. On the outskirts of the galaxy, a lone gunslinger hires out a bounty hunter.

"Our main character is in a more ruthless environment than we knew before," describes series developer Jon Favreau the Mandalorian. “Politically, every trace of order has dissolved, and it is already difficult just to survive. The right of the fittest sets the tone. "

"The Mandalorian is trying to make a living in the galaxy," explains series co-producer Dave Filoni. "He's a survivor and does everything he can to make ends meet somehow."

Headed by Jon Favreau (Iron man, The Jungle Book) the first real series goes in Starwars--Universe on Disney + at the start. The series is produced by Dave Filoni (Star Wars The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels) and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

In the title role is Pedro Pascal (Narcos) to see. Gina Carano (Deadpool), Carl Weathers (The law of the road), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Werner Herzog and many other top stars.

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