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It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the AHA LotionP50. And of course I've always asked myself whether other Biologique Recherche products are also good. So on to the next step, the placenta serum was needed, unfortunately an experience with an unpleasant outcome ...


What should the Sérum Placenta be able to do?

“This regenerating serum reduces irregularities, clears the eye area and gives the epidermis suppleness and vitality. Recommended for irregular skin and / or with a tendency to seborrheic eczema. "

“The formulations of the Sérums Authentiques are characterized by the highest degree of purity within the overall range of Biologique Recherche. They consist exclusively of active ingredients in the form of amino acids or short peptides and contain the smallest possible amount of preservatives. Its targeted effect treats specific imbalances such as lack of moisture and vitality, fine lines, skin with a tendency to seborrheic eczema. The serums can be used alone or mixed. "


Actually, today's article cannot go under “Review”, because I cannot really judge the Sérum Placenta from Biologique Recherche. And that's how it happened ...


Here on the blog, the serum has already been mentioned by some readers, and of course I immediately listen carefully to such comments. If you only knew how quickly I can get fixated on things like that.

I ordered from Basler-Beauty and the unpacked ampoule came in a small plastic bag along with a plastic spout. Unfortunately, the ingredients can only be found on the tiny sticker on the ampoule ... if you have them carefully pulls off and opens the second page. With the magnifying glass function on my cell phone, I could read it. So to speak - fortunately the list is not particularly long (it is as good as nothing in it!). To be honest, this is not a condition and is unreasonable, even if it is only about the small (test) size.

INCI: Water (Aqua), Hydrolyzed Placental Protein (moisture), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative)


It looks similar with application notes. A few instructions can be found at Basler-Beauty:

Application: Take an amount of 0.5 ml Sérum Placenta. Apply the serum to the cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté or selectively on irregular areas. Massage in with gentle, upward stroking effleurage movements until the product is completely absorbed.


I then used it like a normal moisturizing serum, i.e. before the final night cream, as a two-week cure. In each case only in the evening in order to protect the precious commodity a little, i.e. to have something of it for longer. Fatal mistake, it seems.


My experiences

The appearance of the watery serum was good from the start and actually exactly as you would imagine a serum to be. Nice and liquid, it was absorbed in seconds and left no residue. The night cream then slipped perfectly onto the skin and everything felt comfortable and moisturized.

Unfortunately, after three days, Lustig was over. If I initially thought it was just a misperception on my part, a day later there was a kind of disgust explosion in my nose. I've never smelled something like this so close in front of my nose, but it was no lie as if I had stuck the olfactory bulb in a fresh pile of crap. I got really sick and had to wash my face immediately because the smell was unbearable.

Even after that, I could still sense a little of it, and it actually sickened me. A day later I was still unsure whether it might not be me. Maybe I had a bad nose day? The hormones? Anyway, it should be one last try.

I carefully put a few drops on my palms and sniffed: Not that bad, right? I put more in my hand and rubbed it between my palms to apply the serum to my face. And probably through the combination with the warmth of my hands it came through again completely: Bad and really unbearable.

Now such odor sensations are actually a natural warning sign for us. Something cannot be right there. But in times of the most exotic ingredients, one is sometimes not so sure. Placenta extract(By the way, it probably comes from beef. Source: Incidecoder) Per se it is not exactly THE active ingredient that makes me think of flowers and cute bees. Still, it didn't work that way. I couldn't continue using the serum and wanted to dump it in the bin right away.

But at least I had to take a few measly photos for the blog. I also wrote to Basler-Beauty politely, asking if they might know anything about it. Maybe the scent is normal after all, or is it conserved too little and has to be used up within three days? Unfortunately, there was only one answer made up of sentence components that instructed me to print out a return slip to return the serum. Mind you, it should be examined first.

OK, then I saved myself that, not using any more useless traffic routes, it will then be recorded under “went stupid”.

It also went badly that I took care of the ingredients earlier. Apart from water, preservatives and placenta proteins, it contains nothing that modern cosmetics have to offer. Also, actually only the moisturizing effect of the placenta tract is guaranteed, other miracles are more likely to be referred to as "Faith moves mountains".

For the future I will remember that I will no longer simply order BR, but that I will probably also one dayDas-Damenstift Order in Munich to get more information right away. Some readers here had good experiences there. Maybe we should do group purchases to negotiate discounts? 😉

Sérum Placenta 8ml approx. € 26.00 (I ordered through Basler-Beauty, no discounts possible, mostly with shipping costs)





(Photos: Konsumkaiser The product was bought himself, no sponsorship)

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