What is the real name of Hulk Hogan?

Chris Hemsworth: He's supposed to play wrestler Hulk Hogan

"Hulkmania" for Thor: Chris Hemsworth, of all people, is said to be the namesake of his Marvel buddy and play Hulk Hogan in a biopic.

Wrestling ring instead of the Marvel Universe, a blond porno beard instead of the hammer of the gods: "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth (35) is reportedly slipping into the role of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan (65) for a Netflix biopic. This is how it reports, among other things, the US-American website "Variety". The streaming provider has therefore acquired the necessary rights from Terrence "Terry" Gene Bollea, as Hogan's real name is called.

Hulk Hogan: That is already known

The right director has already been found. Todd Phillips (48), who recently put "War Dogs" but also the "Hangover" trilogy on film, is said to be responsible for the flick. Hollywood star Bradley Cooper (44) is said to be among the producers.

What makes Chris Hemsworth Hulk Hogan

Hemsworth definitely has enough muscle to embody the WWE star credibly. Even if, despite his 1.90 height, he is missing a full eleven centimeters from the blond wrestling giant. The as yet untitled film is intended to shed light on the early days of Hogan's career in the 1970s and show how he went from being a nobody to one of the sport's most famous figureheads.