What is the best overall exercise

Voluntary fire brigade Neudorf Großpesendorf

On Friday, October 5th, 2012 the FF Neudorf Großpesendorf together with the FF Prebuch carried out an overall exercise at the Prem property in Neudorfberg. Exercise assumption was a fire at the Prem property in Neudorfberg. Furthermore, one person was reported to the head of operations as missing.

The Neudorf Großpesendorf respiratory protection team immediately began looking for people. The missing person was quickly found and taken outside, but a respirator wearer was reported missing. Thus, the respiratory protection rescue team of the FF Prebuch had to search for and rescue the missing respiratory protection device. At the same time, a feeder line (hydrant in Neudorfberg) was constructed from both weirs and fire fighting from outside was carried out with two C-pipes.

During the exercise discussion, the course of the exercise was discussed and suggestions for improvement were presented.

During the exercise, keep in action:
FF Neudorf Großpesendorf with: TLFA 2000, LF, MTF
FF Prebuch with: RLFA 1000, LFA, MTF

A thank you to the Prem family from Neudorfberg for providing the exercise object and the supply of drinks after the exercise! Also a thank you to our neighbor fire brigade FF Prebuch for the good cooperation!

Afterwards there was refreshment for all exercise participants of the FF Neudorf Großpesendorf and the FF Prebuch at the Buschenschank Ramminger in Kalch.

Further information on FF Prebuch is available on the following website: www.ff-prebuch.at