We could ruin the earth

Why are people destroying their planet?

Two planets meet. One of them asks: "How are you?"
Says the other: "Bad, I have homo-sapiens!"
Indeed, we humans bring much calamity to the planet. Thousands of hectares of tropical forest are destroyed every day, several million tons of carbon dioxide are blown into the atmosphere and around 70 animal and plant species are irrevocably disappearing.
An Indian proverb predicted a hundred years ago: "Only when the last tree is felled, the last river is poisoned and the last fish is caught, you will notice that money cannot be eaten." We rob ourselves of our own resources. We saw in a sense on the branch on which we are sitting. Why ?
One reason is surely greed for money. Wherever the environment is being destroyed on a large scale, financial interests come into play. Powerful corporations are penetrating deeper and deeper into the jungles of Brazil. They are interested in the jungle giants whose wood they sell for a profit. They make a profit regardless of nature and its inhabitants.
Egoism is probably a major mistake we humans make. We also lack foresight. We are reluctant to forego our personal gain, even if the earth perishes in the process. Consumer behavior is also influenced by it. Nowadays hardly anyone wants to do without their computer, mobile phone or car. In addition, the advertising promises us that we will be happier and more desirable with a game console or a pair of sports shoes. But this consumption happens at the expense of the environment. Resources are being ruthlessly exploited and more and more waste is being produced.
A good development is that the media are increasingly reporting on environmental problems. There are many examples of people who are committed to the environment, both large and small, and who have achieved success. Such a commitment is not only personally enriching, it also preserves the basis of life for future generations.