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Translation of "read the newspaper" in Dutch

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krant lezen


If you ever leave me you'll be in the middle of it read newspaper.
As je me ooit genuinely verlaat dan zal je het in de krant lezen.
I would probably first read newspaper and then have breakfast.
Dan zou ik een poosje de krant lezen... en wat ontbijten.
Don't believe everything you're in read newspaper, Mayor.
Nothing you don't do tomorrow in the read newspaper can.
Live together and die together read newspaper?
Zou je graag hebben dat we wonen in Hetzelfde huis ... seeds de krant lezen?
Where I can relax and die read newspaper can.
Een plek waar ik can ontspann, lekker zitten, de krant lezen.
Get out of here, I want this read newspaper.
Stop complaining about Marge and leave me with that read newspaper.
Stop met dat complaining about Marge en laat me mijn krant lezen.
You know, a few people ... if they read newspaper, Relax.
If the person is brought to justice, you can refer to the read newspaperlike everyone else.
Wanneer the person is brought to the right, kan je het in de krant lezen, net as de rest van de mensen.
Should I get it in the read newspaper?
Main suspect. I'll find a cup of tea, sit down and relax and this one read newspaper.
De hoofdverdachte, ik zoek 'n kop thee zet me op m'n gemak en ga die krant lezen.
I don't want anything in that read newspaperwhich is news to me.
Or should it be in the read newspaper?
So then all of them in the read newspaper can?
Should your boy do that in the read newspaper?
But if you are in the read newspaperthat something really bad happened to someone you've never heard of, then you can probably live with it. OK.
Maar than ever in de krant leest dat he iets genuinely schrikkelijks gebeurd is met iemand waarvan je nog nooit hebt gehoord, nou ja, daar kun je waarschijnlijk mee leven.
You can do it every day in the read newspaper: Fraud and corruption, subsidy fraud, and other unpleasant things more, isn't that a European disease?
Je kunt het toch elke dag in de krant lezen: fraude en corruptie, subsidiary fraud en nog meer onverkwikkelijke zaken, is dat niet een Europese ziekte?
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