What is a good Ash Wednesday prayer

Ash Wednesday prayer

Isn't life like a colorful costume
composed of sheer patches,
which a clown once wore to the show?
Tired of funny and sad jokes,
he now takes off the disguise,
the performance is over and over.

Every patch bears witness to an episode
a colorful palette of many stories,
that tell of joys and sorrows.
But who cares about a discarded dress?
Not everyone tinkers with the patch suit themselves
of his own life and is usually never finished?

Patches are remnants of clothes
worn in good times and bad.
Exulting heavenly ... saddened to death,
the clown reveled in the happiness of love,
often cried bitter tears in disappointment,
and some to say goodbye to loved ones.

If the clown wonders now without a costume,
when he stands naked in front of the mirror:
“Was I the colorful patch suit
which I wore, which I dressed well,
now old, disheveled on the ground in front of me
or was there more of me? "

Blessed are those who have the grace to recognize
God is my eternal, my infinite life.
As a consciousness I created the colorful dress
the outer patchwork costume of my experiences.
I put it down, say thanks to Heavenly Father,
that was my life, ready to return to you. "


Margrit Seelig de Boll

Thank you for sending this prayer.