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If the devil »polite« behaves

Friday 12th October 2018

(from: L'Osservatore Romano, weekly edition in German, No. 45, November 9th 2018)


At the mass in Santa Marta on October 12, Pope Francis warned against the strategy of the devil, who "acts politely" and even rings the doorbell, presenting himself as a friend. As Isaiah teaches, prayer, examination of conscience and "vigilance and rest" are the right answers to expose the devil's cunning and not to end "on the path of mediocrity and worldliness".

"When Satan takes possession of a person's heart, he stays there as if he were at home and doesn't want to go out," declared the Pope. "For this reason it is like this: when Jesus casts out demons, they try to ruin man, to do evil, also in a physical sense," he said, advising "think of that child", "that of the." Bringing Father to Jesus that it might be healed, that is, that the demon might be cast out. And when the demon goes out, he leaves it lying on the ground as if dead. He doesn't want to come out of us when he's inside of us. He doesn't want to go out. "

"Jesus often cast out demons in the Gospels, his and our real enemies," said Francis. "The battle between good and evil sometimes seems too abstract: the real battle is the first battle between God and the old serpent, between Jesus and the devil". And “this struggle takes place within us. Each of us fights, perhaps without our knowledge, but we are in battle. "

Referring to the section from the Gospel according to Luke (11, 15-26) in today's liturgy, the Pope pointed out that “Jesus casts out this demon”, but “there are always people who speak badly and begin to say: 'But that is a healer, he too has a secret pact with the devil. It's a farce: he drives them out with the permission of their leader, Beelzebùl. ‹«

Just then, the Pope recalled, "this Gospel passage begins with a discussion between Jesus and these people." But “let's leave this discussion aside,” continued the Pope, “and go to the end of the Gospel passage. What happens? In the end the devil is chased away and goes away. And this man, this woman, this boy, this girl, becomes free, liberated, happy, healed, just healed in the deepest wound of the soul. "

At this point, however, “what is the devil doing? Some wreak havoc; let us think of those who were called the Legion because there were many, and when Jesus drives them away, they ask him to go into the pigs, and there they massacre the pigs because the devil's task is to destroy. That is his calling: to destroy the work of God. "In reality, so Francis again," no one can say: 'No, I know a devil who does not behave like that' "" because "it is the nature of the devil, to to destroy". And yet »we are like children, we often suck our thumbs and believe: 'No, but it's not like that, these are inventions of the priests, no, it's not true.'

“In the Gospel the devil wants to destroy,” declared the Pope, “and if he cannot destroy face to face because he is standing before a power of God that defends man, then the devil is smarter than a fox. He is insidious and is looking for a way to regain possession of this house, this soul, this person. ”The section from the Gospel of Luke submit the words of Jesus: “When the unclean spirit comes out of a person, it wanders through waterless areas in search of a resting place - that is, it does not know what to do, it has nothing to destroy - but does not find any. Then he says: I want to return to my house, which I left - from which he was driven by Jesus. "

The Pope pointed out that the devil “presents himself politely even when speaking”, which goes so far as to say: “I have left it. «No, in reality» you have been chased away «. Go on the Gospel passage and point it out: “And he comes and finds it clean and adorned - oh yes, he likes it! - then he goes and fetches seven other spirits who are even worse than himself. "For, as Francis emphasized," at first he was, so to speak, possessed because the devil was in him and did not leave him; now he continues to be obsessed, but without knowing about it «.

»If the devil cannot prevail by force, if he cannot destroy someone with clear vices, if he cannot destroy a people through wars and persecutions, then he thinks of another strategy that he uses with all of us, and, Dear brothers and sisters, that is the strategy that he uses towards all of us. "And indeed:" We are Christians, Catholics, we go to Mass, we pray: everything seems to be in order. Yes, we have our faults, our little sins, but everything seems to be fine. "So" the devil is 'polite': he leaves, he looks around, he looks for a nice gang, he knocks on the door: >Allow? Can I come in? 'He rings the doorbell, and these polite demons are worse than the first because you don't realize you have them in the house. "And" that is the worldly spirit, the spirit of the world ".

"The devil either destroys directly with vice, with wars, with injustices," declared the Pope, "or he politely, diplomatically destroys in the way that Jesus speaks of". So: “They don't make any noise, they become friends, they convince you. ›No, it works, it doesn't matter that much, no, but it's okay up to here.‹ And they put you on the path of mediocrity, they make you a ›lukewarm‹ on the path of worldliness. "

It is not easy to recognize this: '' Father, I have no enemy at home. '-' But look, when you go to bed, there is the scorpion between the sheets. '-' But it is a scorpion friend, he does no harm. 'And so' we succumb to this spiritual mediocrity, this spirit of the world: 'But these things are not so bad.' "And" the spirit of the world ruins us, it corrupts us from within. " "I tell you: I am more afraid of these demons than of the first," said Francis.

And »when they tell me: 'We need an exorcist because a person is possessed by the devil', I am less worried than when I see these people who open the door to polite demons, to those who convince from within not to be great enemies: 'We are friends.' ”For, as the Gospel of today says,“ the last condition of that man will be worse than the first ”. The Pope emphasized again: »I often ask myself: what is worse in a person's life? A clear sin or living in the spirit of the world, worldliness? That the devil meets you with a sin - not just one, also twenty, thirty sins, which are clear, so that you are ashamed - or that the devil is at your table and lives with you, that he is with you lives and everything is normal, but whispers something to you there and takes possession of you with the spirit of worldliness? "

“The prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper comes to my mind,” added the Pope: “Father, I pray for them, defend them from the spirit of the world.” And “the spirit of worldliness is what the polite demons do bring «. "We want to pray without fear," was the invitation of the Pope, who wanted to recall Isaiah's admonition to Ahaz. "When the people of Israel once saw a great army coming against them and destroying everything, they were frightened and the prophet said in the name of God: 'Watch out and rest." we say: 'vigilance and calm' «.

So: "Vigilance is the message of Jesus, Christian vigilance." In conclusion, the Pope advised to ask a few questions about this point in order to examine one's conscience: "What is happening in my heart?" Why am i so mediocre? Why am i so lukewarm? How many 'polite' people live with me without paying rent? "