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Facebook for Business: 10 Tips for Successful Communication

Facebook is still most used social media network worldwide. In addition to creating personal profiles, Facebook also offers the option of setting up pages for organizations, companies and their brands and products.

Due to this possibility and the high number of users, Facebook is gaining increasing importance as an instrument in corporate communication. Many companies use the Facebook presence in addition to their company website and use it to spread their content extensively and quickly. The advantage of Facebook is the direct dialogue with competitors, media representatives, interested parties and thus potential customers. Below you will find 10 tips for the successful creation of a company presence on Facebook.

1. Strategy and planning of the Facebook page

You can increase the success of your company page on Facebook through a conscientious planning influence significantly. To do this, you should think about what you want to communicate and which target group you want to reach. Investigate the usage behavior of your customers:

  • What content appeals to the target group?
  • How can you implement this information on your website in Facebook?

2. Choice of the type of company website and definition of the name

Create your company page on Facebook. Facebook offers different content options, depending on which type of page you choose. The structure of the page is also different. You have the choice between a page for:

  • "Local company or place"
  • "Company, organization or institution"
  • "Brand or Product"
  • "Artist, band or public person"
  • "Entertainment"
  • "Concern or Community"

You can create as many pages as you wantHowever, it is not possible to change the page type at a later date. After selecting the page type, you can still use the determine the respective category. For example, for “Local company or location”, you can choose between “Service company” or “Retail”.

All you need to complete the page is a meaningful name. Short names are more memorable than long ones.

The name of your company or your product is particularly suitable. Your company or brand name makes your page easy to find on Facebook and offers one high recognition value.

3. Change your profile's Facebook URL

When you create your page, Facebook automatically assigns a number for your URL. Since this number has no recognition value, it is advisable to replace it with a suitable username, a so-called Vanity URL. Facebook offers to change the URL under and gives various suggestions. Here, too, select an individual name with recognition value, so users can immediately see which company is behind it. Potential customers can find your site more quickly via search engines through such a vanity URL with a corresponding name.

Since each username can only be used once on Facebook, you can check availability on the page after entering your desired name. After a successful check and confirmation of the name, your new URL is then It is displayed in the address field of the browser when you visit your Facebook page. You can use this url add signatures on your website or in e-mail. Especially in the contact details on your company website and in the press contact for PR reports, the Facebook URL ensures that interested readers visit your presence on Facebook.

4. Fill the new Facebook page with content

Fill your page with all relevant information before you publish it on Facebook.

The better you know your target group, the more targeted you can provide interesting texts, links, images and videos on your site tailored to your visitors are. Offer pictures and videos visual stimuli and upgrade your site. For example, you can post photos of products, logos and images of the board of directors or the managing directors online, or you can post videos of image films, product presentations, interviews, press conferences or events. Under the "Info" tab you can describe your company in detail. There is also space for a link to your company website and your contact details. The "Notes" tab offers space for more detailed texts and information. Here you can, for example, enter complete press releases or specialist articles.

A matching profile picture rounds off your page. Usually the logo of your company or a brand is particularly suitable for this. Pay attention to good image quality, this is how you create a professional appearance. The info box is located in the left column of your profile. Use this to give a brief overview of the company or product. Do not forget the URL of the company website, so you can create a direct link to your website.

A completed company page on Facebook informs interested readers about your company. she is a Business card of your house. High-quality and up-to-date content on the site therefore supports a positive company image.

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5. Add more pages to Facebook

After you've created your company page on Facebook, you can still further pages for your company or for individual products. The creation of additional Facebook pages for individual products of your company enables you to tailor these pages even more specifically to your respective prospects.

6. Pay attention to relevant keywords in all texts in the profile

Relevant keywords in your texts ensure that your Facebook business page with search engines in the result lists further up and is therefore easier to find by potential customers. Keyword analysis is helpful in finding suitable keywords. When creating the texts for your Facebook presence, don't just think about the search engines. First and foremost, the information should be interesting for the readers, your potential customers.

7. Include other social media profiles on Facebook

Should you have other social media profiles such as Twitter you can also embed them on Facebook on your company page. Just enter Twitter in the Facebook search and use the dedicated application. So you can display tweets on your Facebook profile or others Link social media profiles.

8. Win fans

If Facebook users become aware of your company page, they can become "fans". To do this, users click the "Like-Butto" on your side. From now on, fans will be kept informed of all updates to your page from Facebook, even if they do not visit it directly.

In order to win fans, invite business partners, acquaintances and customers to your site.

By regular updates and promotions on your Facebook page you draw attention to yourself and can increase the number of your fans. It is also possible to invite friends of your Facebook friends to your page. You can also include the "Like" button on your company website or under contributions on your page. Facebook users can become fans of your Facebook page directly by clicking on it.

9. Inform fans through regular status reports

You can use the status reports on your profile page current information such as deliver press releases, specialist articles or company information. Your fans will be informed of every new message and will stay informed about your company, even if they don't visit your Facebook page. Fans can share these status messages with their friends who The reach of your information is automatically increased, a viral effect arises.

10. Demonstrate professional competence

Facebook lives from communication and exchange with one another.

Fans post comments and questions about your posts, photos and videos on Facebook. Respond promptly on it and enter into a dialogue with your fans. Show your expertise by posting to other topic-related groups or Facebook pages, you draw attention to me and gain more fans.

Melanie Tamblé is the managing director of ADENION GmbH and an expert in online marketing, PR and social media. ADENION GmbH's online services and tools support companies, bloggers and agencies in their daily communication work in digital media. Blog2Social and PR-Gateway enable simple and automated planning and distribution of articles and media, press releases, blog articles, images and documents to press portals, social media, blogs and news services.