When should a toddler know ten words?

Course of normal language development

0 to 3 months

Child cries, smiles, maintains eye contact, reacts to noises, moves his eyes or head in the direction of the sound source.

3 to 6 months

Child begins to babble.

6 to 12 months

Babbling and babbling becomes more complex. The child vocalizes, the child seeks eye contact with his fellow human beings, grabs and points at something in order to communicate. It already recognizes some things that are named by others (understanding of language at the word level).

12 to 18 months

The child understands simple tasks. It says MAMA and DAD. It speaks in one-word sentences. It responds to its name. At 18 months it already has a vocabulary of around 65 words.

17 to 24 months

"Vocabulary spurt" As soon as the child speaks around 50 words, it learns new words very quickly and expands its vocabulary to around 200 words by the second birthday. The child speaks in two-word sentences and names familiar things. The child now understands simple sentences and tasks (language understanding at sentence level).

2 to 3 years

Child can already have small conversations about the “here and now”. It understands longer sentences reliably. At 30 months, his vocabulary is already over 400 words. At the age of 3, strangers should be able to understand the child.

3 to 5 years

Child tells stories and speaks sentences with eight or more words. It has a large vocabulary and an understanding of yesterday and tomorrow.

5 to 7 years

Child speaks almost as well as we do.

Important points in time in the course of language development

20. – 24. month (U7) The child should be able to speak at least 50 words and stable two-word sentences. This critical mass of 50 words is so important because only then can the above-mentioned “vocabulary spurt” begin. So if a child only speaks 20 words, they cannot get into this phase on their own, in which they learn many new words every day. In addition, a child will only speak stable two-word sentences if there are verbs in the vocabulary. Experience has shown that verbs are not among the very first words of a child, but rather among the words in places 40 to 50.

36th month On the third birthday, the child should be able to speak clearly, in full sentences that are almost grammatically correct. There may still be uncertainties about the formation of the past and sometimes the dative and the accusative are confused.