Coyotes are nocturnal animals

Red fox

Way of life

The fox's burrow or den is the center of its habitat. In many cases, however, the fox does not dig them himself, but takes them over from a badger or a rabbit. Although the fox sometimes hunts during the day, it is actually a nocturnal animal that sleeps in a cave during the day. During the breeding season, the foxes live in pairs, otherwise they are solitary animals.


The red fox is an omnivore and a very good hunter. It mainly hunts rodents, but also hunts chickens, hares and rabbits. But sometimes it also eats insects, berries and fruits.

It also happens that foxes break into a hen house and kill a chicken.


The female fox, also known as the female fox, gives birth to four to six fox cubs after a gestation period of around 50 days. These are initially completely blind and are suckled in the first few weeks after their birth.

During this time, the male fox, the male, provides the female with food. A fox is sexually mature at around 10 months. At the age of one he leaves his mother to find his own territory.