USA Are you still a world power

The USA: world power in transition

When he took office in 2009, President Barack Obama announced that he would realign domestic, economic and foreign policy in the USA. The United States has since significantly reduced its military engagement, as the withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan shows. At the same time, President Obama disappointed many international expectations. There was no new impetus for global climate protection, the closure of the Guantánamo prison camp or a solution to the Iran conflict. His strategic turn to Asia (“pivot to Asia”) is also causing uncertainty in Europe. However, the announced trade and investment agreement promises an upswing in transatlantic relations. This could also boost economic growth in the United States. Because the effects of the economic and financial crisis can still be felt there. So far, President Obama has not succeeded in significantly boosting economic growth and reducing unemployment to pre-crisis levels. In his second term in office, he now has to prove that he can cope with these problems despite his limited ability to act. Because the Congress is still paralyzed by the strong polarization of the parties and the dominant budget debate. Breaking these blockades is also the greatest challenge for the President of the USA in his second term in office.

The topic dossier "The USA - World Power in Transition" offers in three chapters an overview of the politics of the Obama administration, the domestic political challenges, the foreign policy strategy, and the economic situation. In each of the three chapters there is a compilation of current SWP publications on the topic. In addition, the “Further Reading” section offers a compilation of important journals, media, statistics and research sources on US politics.

The introductory texts for this dossier were written by Sonja Thielges and Henriette Rytz. Anna Pellacini from the specialist information department has put together the further material.