What is the mileage of fighter aircraft

Lifespan of an aircraft - information on wear and tear and durability

Every day they take off and land in a wide variety of places - aircraft with a limited lifespan. We have summarized for you in our article how long an aircraft can be used on average and how long the expected service life is.

Airplanes - this is how long the expected service life is

The airplane is considered a safe means of transport; This is mainly due to the high safety regulations and regular maintenance and controls. You can read here how long the average lifespan is:

  • In general, the exact service life cannot be given uniformly for all aircraft. The service life depends to a large extent on the use and the type of checks and maintenance. However, according to the current state of the art, it can be assumed that an aircraft will have a service life of around 25 years or more.
  • The larger aircraft manufacturers in particular, for example Airbus or Boeing, design their aircraft for a service life of between 50,000 and 60,000 flight hours. However, these are goals that manufacturers want their aircraft to achieve. On average, a modern long-haul aircraft should be able to make around 20,000 take-offs during its useful life, and up to 75,000 on short-haul routes.
  • The expected service life of an aircraft is generally even longer. However, it is mainly the larger wearing parts that have to be replaced beforehand. A landing gear, for example, has a lifespan that is nowhere near as long as the aircraft itself. For this reason, damaged or worn parts that are subject to wear and tear are also replaced during inspections and repairs.
  • In addition to the usage time in the air, the kilometers traveled on the runway also have to be added to the aircraft. With an average aircraft used, these reach about the mileage of a car, i.e. a little more than 200,000 kilometers. This performance must also be taken into account and a specific service life must be considered when designing the aircraft.
  • Important: An aircraft does not have to be declared unusable as soon as it has exceeded the flight hours, take-offs or age. If it has been well cared for, it can be used for many more years. So you don't need to be afraid if you are about to fly on an older aircraft.

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Now that you know that you can board older aircraft without hesitation, you should enjoy the flight. Therefore, in the next article, we will give you the best tips so that you can sleep on the plane.