How do you send someone a video

Send YouTube video via WhatsApp - this is how it works

If you have found a funny clip or a good song on YouTube, you can easily send the video to your friends via WhatsApp. This also works without a link.

You don't have to convert the YouTube video to send it via WhatsApp. The content can be shared with friends directly from the app.

How to send the video via WhatsApp

To share a YouTube video on a WhatsApp chat or group:

  1. Open the relevant content in the YouTube app.
  2. Below the video window you will find an arrow curved to the right, the share button.
  3. Pressed once, you choose an app through which you want to share the current video. Press the WhatsApp icon.
  4. Your contact list in Messenger opens. Select one or more WhatsApp users.

If the recipient opens the WhatsApp video, it will be played directly in the chat. So WhatsApp will not leave. Instead, you just keep chatting while your contact watches the YouTube video you sent in the window.

Convert YouTube links to WhatsApp

The video window can be enlarged or reduced with your fingers. If you press the square symbol, the video will be played in full screen mode. The YouTube logo takes you to the YouTube app, where you can, for example, view comments and recommendations on the content. With the arrow on the right in the chat window you forward the video from the chat to contacts.

You can also send videos to your WhatsApp friends without a YouTube app on your mobile phone. You simply share the content with a link. If you have the URL to a YouTube clip, you simply paste it into the text field on WhatsApp. The messenger automatically recognizes that it is a YouTube video - the link text is converted. The thumbnail and the title appear in the preview. Even when sharing via link, the recipient looks at the content directly in WhatsApp in order to continue chatting at the same time.

YouTube video as WhatsApp status?

Some users download YouTube videos to use as status. However, this is only recommended for videos that you have created yourself. Otherwise you are committing a copyright violation. Downloading videos from YouTube in order to send them as a file via WhatsApp also violates the platform's terms of use.

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