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2) What do I get when I create a free website?

The providers mentioned above advertise that you can create a free website with them - that's true, but there are certain restrictions that you should be aware of. In order to be able to set up a website you first have to register with the provider, for this the e-mail address is usually sufficient and no payment data is requested from the providers compared above. Then you get the access data and a password for your own homepage and you can start editing your own page. What do you get now and what can you do?
What you get from a free website: Basically you can now use the basic version of the respective homepage construction kit, which means you can edit your homepage with the help of the work surface and fill it with content. It's all free, but what's the catch? The free website construction kit variant has three main restrictions:

1) Domain: The newly created website is assigned a so-called subdomain, which means that after the selected domain name, the addition of the provider is displayed, as illustrated here by the example of Jimdo.

A "correct" domain, a so-called top level domain, which appears without any additions (e.g. must be registered with a central register and listed (Denic in Germany) and is therefore always chargeable. Free domains always have an addition, which turns the domain name into a subdomain.

If you are planning a hobby site or a private site, it may be enough to work with a free domain. However, if you want to set up a professional, professional website or a company homepage, we can only recommend your own "correct" domain without any additions.

2. Advertisements: The provider uses the newly created homepage to display advertising for its own service. If he doesn't (yet) earn any money with it, he can at least expand his reach. The intensity and size of the advertisements differs from provider to provider. In most cases, a subtle hint is displayed at the end of the homepage, in the so-called footer. Visitors to the site can then see which service was used to create the website.

3) Email address: In addition, you have to do without a suitable e-mail address with a free homepage. In this context, this means that you cannot create your own email address for your domain, for example [email protected] Unfortunately, this is generally not possible in the free version of the website builder, as the providers work with subdomains here.