Disneyland allows dogs

Animal boarding house in Disneyland Paris

Do you have a dog or a cat that you cannot leave alone at home and therefore want to take them with you on vacation to Disneyland? Cats and dogs are welcome in the Animal Care Center, the boarding house, located directly on the large main parking lot.

While you are visiting the theme parks or the Disney Village, the staff at the animal boarding house will ensure that your dog or cat gets water. However, the employees do not go for a walk with the animals or provide other occupation, so you should return to the animal boarding house regularly during your stay at the resort to look after your animal yourself. You are also responsible for feeding yourself.

The costs for care in the animal boarding house depend heavily on the size of the animal and the length of stay and must be inquired about on site.
Holders of the Magic Plus and Infinity annual tickets can bring a maximum of one dog or cat free of charge to the animal boarding house at Disneyland Paris for day care.

Animal boarding conditions
In order for an animal to be admitted, a valid vaccination certificate must be presented, which is also issued in French. Above all, it depends on the rabies vaccination, which must definitely be noted in the vaccination certificate and, moreover, must be at least one month old, but must also not be more than a year ago.
Every animal that is to be looked after in the animal boarding house at Disneyland must have a microchip.
You have to present a valid identity card on which the animal will be registered in the pension. Only the person to whom the animal is registered is allowed to pick it up again.
You can see further conditions of the boarding house at Disneyland Paris here: Policies of the boarding house