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Urban loft wedding ideas in yellow

Pantone. Have you ever heard of the term? No? I felt the same way when I first looked at my wedding and asked myself: what in heaven is this Pantone that I read about everywhere ?! But since then I have known: Pantone is a company that is completely dedicated to the colors of the world. You are probably familiar with the Pantone color system if you have already held one of these fancy color fans in your hands in a furniture store - similar to the RAL fans in a hardware store. In any case, Pantone announces the “Pantone Color of the Year” every year, which then excites all interior designers and of course half the wedding world, because this color is used as a theTrend seismograph applies to everyone who deals with design - for example, stationery designers, florists and wedding planners at weddings. For 2019, the Pantone color of the year is called “Living Coral”, which is an orange-red coral. In 2018 it was Ultra Violet.

Urban Organic Wedding with ocher and olive green

But that's not all, there are also seasonal Pantone colors, such as the ten Pantone autumn / winter colors. Among them are Ceylon Yellow and Martini Olive for the 2018/219 season, which means ocher and brown-green in German. Wedding planner Sonja Neubert von Trauwerk took the two colors as the basis for a modern wedding concept called “Love to the power of 2 - Urban Organic Wedding” and combined the color of the year, Ultra Violet. The result is a wedding inspiration that I absolutely have to show you. Just because of the drum beaters, these yellow bobble flowers, which I love simply because of their simplicity, because of the Protea, this wonderfully changeable flower from southern Africa and, last but not least, of course because of the urban-stylish loft flair of the location above the roofs of Munich .

Trend: Many trends!

Sonja tells which service providers from Munich and Augsburg she worked closely with for this shoot and how they all implemented the concept together: “When I deal with the implementation of a shoot, I often first ask myself: What are the current and upcoming ones Trends? This question could not be answered with a single sentence in 2018, because more and more trends currently exist and mix in parallel. My answer to that: an exciting mix! For me, the mix mainly consists of clear shapes on the one hand - and organic shapes on the other. The title “Liebe hoch zwei” was born out of the following consideration: Don't you feel like you're flying when you're in love? Especially when you get married high above the city, more precisely high above Munich, in a disused power plant, our location. " There, the team not only styled the models as for a real wedding, but also set up the set for the shoot - including a dainty bunch of branches and drum bats:

Stationery with different papers

The stationery is central to every comprehensive wedding concept because the motto can usually be read on it - in this case “love to the power of two”. Because brush lettering and calligraphy are in great demand in wedding design at the moment, Sonja suggested a mixture of organic handwriting and sans serif to the team. The craspedia, i.e. the drumstick, should be included as an organic element. Sonja also wanted to use different papers. Nadine von Purpur manufaktur then implemented the idea: “For the urban touch, we worked with the modern, finely ribbed Vice Versa paper from Gmund and combined this with hand-made paper in order to bring in the organic components. A noble golden book screw connects the different colored papers and allows an effective fan mechanism. The calligrapher Petra Wöhrmann from Design & Lettering wrote lively on the leaves with a fine white touch-up pen. "

Table decorations and art of baking: gold meets yellow and ocher

My personal highlight of the love for two concept is floristry. Sonja's idea was to create an “exciting contrast between straightforward floristry above the table and playful floristry on to create the table. " Sonja describes how she set up the table decoration with florist Maria from Das blooming Atelier: “There is an organically laid runner on the table, on it is straight, modern golden candlesticks with white stick candles and yellow flower arrangements in golden bowls. On the plate with fine ocher-colored patterns lies a loosely knotted napkin with a frayed edge, on it alternately a nutanus blossom, then another craspedia. A wooden stick hovers over the table. The Craspedia hang from him. The table naming combined with transparent paper results in a nice play with the light. " Maria von Das blooming Atelier adds: “Especially in the stylish loft I found our not so everyday colors with special flowers and structures very exciting! Proteins are in increasing demand, so I found it very fascinating to combine them with different structures such as the little drumsticks or the exotic nutans with the special leaves! "

Cake and sweet table: Too nice to eat

With a concept that has been planned so extensively down to the last detail, the right cake and sweets must of course not be missing on the sweet table. The cake maker from Munich has specially unpacked the high art of patisserie, fired the oven and coated fruits with gold leaf. Look, isn't that amazing ?!

The styling of the bride and groom

If you plan your wedding according to a concept, then of course not only the coordinated stationery and decoration belong to it, but also your own styling including the bridal bouquet and the dress. In the case of “Love to the power of two”, florist Maria has tied two bridal bouquets at once. For the dress, Sonja's choice fell on a cool, casual wedding dress that should look fine and classy at the same time. She found what she was looking for in one of my personal favorite shops, namely Flamenco in Munich-Schwabing. The dress by Le spose di Gio is made of delicate rose-colored tulle with a deep cut back. In addition, Greta from FaceLine conjured up a natural make-up and partially braided the model's loose hair and wrapped it with golden wire. The finely crafted, floral jewelry from the workshop of goldsmith Judith von Skusa Schmuckgeschichten takes up the basic organic theme of the concept. The groom is also styled to match the theme: the small Augsburg manufacturer Trico made a bow tie and suspenders from silk especially for this shoot, which pick up on the yellow and ocher color theme. Bridal bouquet and lapel bouquets go wonderfully with the rest of the floristry as you have already seen on the tables.

“Moody” style photos

Dark lighting conditions in the location are always a challenge for photographers. Radmila Kerl faced it and implemented a new trend in photography at the same time. Radmilla says: “Everyone involved invested a lot of time and effort in this shoot and, in some cases, had a not inconsiderable financial outlay. It is a great leap of faith, because what remains in the end is actually just the photography - I am well aware of the responsibility. We had a great location for this shoot, but the lighting conditions were very difficult. The aim was to mix daylight with artificial light sources in such a way that a natural and appealing lighting situation was created. The latest trend in creative image processing is called “Moody”. The colors are reduced, the contrasts increased. This created an atmospheric series that is refreshingly different from my usual editing style and fits perfectly with our “Urban Wedding” theme. Often something new! "


Participating service providers

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