Why do most girls like purple color

That says your favorite color

Color psychologists know: which colors we prefer is an expression of current feelings or an inner attitude. But colors also reveal what needs we have and What things in life we ​​are consciously or unconsciously looking for.

And the choice of a certain color of clothing is just as much a message to our environment as it is a signal to want to achieve a certain goal.

You can find out what preference for individual colors means here:


Power women prefer to wear red. Because this color stands for Sensuality, passion and power. You radiate that too.

But be careful: you can scare other people away with your energy, so take something back from time to time.


She is the good mood color. Accordingly, people with a soft spot for yellow are considered to be creative, sociable, humorous. You feel good when you are the center of attention, are liked by many.

But there are also envious people. Just smile away at their criticism.


People with a weakness for blue radiate harmony, convey competence, act confidently even in crises. That makes you a popular advisor among friends.

However, you often take criticism too much to heart. So get yourself a thicker skin.


You like to be outside, love to hike and ride a bike. This is typical for women who like green.

Besides, mostly they are very thoughtful, responsible peoplethat you can rely on in all situations. That is what your friends particularly appreciate about you.


Warm, lively, enthusiastic - people who like orange have one contagious joie de vivre that sweeps everyone away.

But be careful: the fact that you want to be involved in everything can sometimes be at the expense of your health. Learn to enjoy quiet moments too.


It's not just little girls who love it. Pink stands for a big heart. You are a good listener, you are sensitive to your counterpart and help wherever you can.

However, you should be careful not to be taken advantage of. Learn to say no every now and then.


The older you get, the less you like bright colors. Women choose pink when they love a touch of color but don't want to be the center of attention.

When asked why she liked to wear pink so much, she replied to Queen Elizabeth I, the legendary Queen Mum: “Pink is that Expression of love in old age. "


White is the color of innocence - it expresses the need for harmony and harmony.

If you love white - in clothing or in your home - show that you are Appreciate clarity and clarity and are a wonderfully discreet person.


Those who like purple or violet have had enough with themselves. Silence, retreat, and even solitude are dear to you and precious.

That you are doing it think carefully about things and not act hastilyn, therefore makes you a very good, trustworthy friend


Confidence and pragmatism speak from this color preference - and a sense of style. Because with black you are always well dressed and prepared for any eventuality.

Those who like black often like to present themselves - and like to take the helm for others into their own hands.