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Interesting. ,, Queen ,, is a sexual love story between a woman and her stepson who have to keep this affair secret from the husband. I saw the film with a friend and we were both very surprised and had very mixed feelings, because sometimes you can just laugh about it, in some places you feel sorry for some of the protagonists and sometimes it's just exciting. Because the film has built up a lot, I found the end very boring because one would have hoped for more.
Queen was a very extraordinary erotic-psycho-drama (I wouldn't call it a thriller) that with a strong atmosphere, well-posed erotic scenes that were used appropriately, an oppressive, realistic, gloomy atmosphere and an interesting or charming (not in that sense) story. I think it's good that it is shown that love can also go beyond age. The movie's weaknesses were, in my opinion, its strong lengths and the ending, which was weird and predictable. Another little extra - praise to the actors who staged their roles perfectly! He built himself up very well, the ending was just disappointing, but the name Queen keeps its word.
"Queen" has really blown my socks off. I had no knowledge of this film and I only watched it because of the good reviews it received on film releases and I was not disappointed. This film is so often a real shock and captivates, thanks to the ambivalent and interesting characters. Trine Dyrholm is simply great and although you understand her motivations at the beginning, her character takes such an interesting twist that is really traveling with you. It is similar with the outstanding Gustav Lindh, who also plays his role, especially as a newcomer, absolutely outstanding. "Queen" is shocking at times, played absolutely outstandingly, shows enough bare skin in a fitting way (which we would probably not get to see in the USA) and above all leaves a pleasantly uncomfortable feeling!
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