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Knowing how: Internet via GPRS, EDGE, LTE and 5G

Internet via GPRS, EDGE, LTE and 5G
Image: ArtmannWitte - Fotolia.com Mobile Internet access with a cell phone, tablet or surf stick is popular. The mobile internet connection is one of the basic functions of smartphones. Whether you surf via GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE or 5G - the access data are the same. These only have to be stored once. This is because the dial-in parameters for these packet-switched data services are identical. As a rule, these do not have to be entered manually. The network operators automatically send configuration SMS when a SIM card is inserted into a new cell phone. If you get a new SIM card after changing provider and insert it into your old cell phone, you will also receive a configuration SMS. The mobile phone owner only has to confirm this with one click so that the data can be transferred to the mobile phone. If no such SMS has been received, all network operators also have the option of requesting a new transmission via the mobile operator's website.

The dial-in number for GPRS, HSPA, LTE and 5G

Internet via GPRS, EDGE, LTE and 5G
Image: ArtmannWitte - Fotolia.com The dial-in number for the mobile data services is *99#. If you enter the access point (APN) directly in the mobile phone, you have to extend the dial-in string accordingly. So the number applies *99*1# or. *99***1#to use the first APN entered in the phone.

If you want to use a cell phone as a modem, for example for Internet access on a notebook, you may have to specify a so-called modem initialization string for older devices, without which a packet-switched data connection usually cannot be established. This is inserted in the Windows control panel under the entry for the respective modem under the menu item "Advanced Settings" and has the form:

(The respective access point is entered as the APN, e.g. internet.t-mobile in the T-Mobile network)

Overview: Internet configuration - the dial-in data of the four network operators

InternetT-MobileVodafoneE-pluso2 Germany
IP addressdynamic
Primary DNS193.254.160.1139.007.030.125212.
Secondary DNS-
Dial-in number
1) A username and password must be entered, but it does not matter what is used for this.

Special feature at Vodafone

Vodafone also offers a tariff with event-based billing for which separate access must be configured. Whoever decides on the tariff must instead of the access point web.vodafone.de the APN event.vodafone.de use. However, the other data tariffs of the network operator are then not available via this access.

Provider with its own access point

In addition to the providers named in the table above, there are also some of them who access the Internet via their own access point. We show you in the following table which ones fall under this and which access data the respective provider works with:

Overview table Internet configuration of selected cellular network providers

IP addressdynamic
Primary DNS-automatically
Secondary DNS---
Proxy server address139.7.29.1-
Dial-in number
1) Only applies to prepaid customers. The APN applies to comfort customers: surfmobil2.
If you have entered all the data correctly, Internet access via GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, LTE and 5G should work without any problems.
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