Which engineering degree should I get

The engineering aptitude test

You can find proof that many people enjoy the engineering profession, sets important trends for our future and covers many interests and topics on think ING. in great numbers. But before you can work as an engineer, you must of course first complete an engineering degree. "Can I do it?" Ask many who deal with the topic.

Of course, you can only finally answer that once you have your bachelor's or master's degree in your pocket. The think ING. Aptitude test can give you an initial orientation towards mathematical understanding, logic, technical talent, scientific talent and other engineering skills. give. Ambition, motivation and enthusiasm cannot be measured in a test either - these are also important qualifications that every budding engineer needs. Knowledge and will only work in pairs.

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Tips for the aptitude test

So, 40 questions are waiting for you. After that, you may not be smarter, but you will know a little more about your suitability for an engineering degree. A little tip: A notepad and a pen are quite useful to record one or the other task or to do a little additional calculation. Doing research on the internet in between and fishing for solutions from the web will of course falsify your results. If you don't have the 30 minutes that you usually need for the test, you can take a break in between. Attention - for this you need a user account in think ING. Network and must be logged in. So log in with your user data before starting or create an account first. So next time you can pick up where you left off, after the test your results will be saved and you will receive a more detailed evaluation.

Have fun and good luck!

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