Should I call the girl?

Flirt skillfully on the phone

What a night! You wake up the next day and have to grin straight away - because you got the cell phone number from the beautiful blonde at the disco. In parting she even said to you: Just get in touch if you feel like it. ”You read somewhere that this should be a good sign. And let me tell you, it's definitely a good signal! But while you are still indulging in the memory of the hot dance with her, the agonizing questions pop into your head: When should you call her? And above all: What should you tell her when she actually answers? We would like to make it easier for you to flirt on the phone with a few tangible tips so that your call does not become a zero number. If you do everything right now, the flirtation on the phone will quickly turn into the longed-for date face to face.

Skillfully flirting on the phone: should I use the “3-day rule”?

All good things come in threes - or are they? Self-appointed women rioters in sitcoms or in their own circle of friends always have a handful of clever tips ready when it comes to the tender sex. One of them is: wait three days before you call her! Because this is supposed to demonstrate to the lady that you are a busy man and that the woman is actually not that important to you. And that is attractive to women - at least that's what the hobby Casanovas think. In all honesty, if you want to successfully flirt on the phone, delete this 3-day rule from your head. It just doesn't make sense to let them fidget like a fish on a line for the next 72 hours or even longer. Because the danger is that by this time she has long since forgotten you. All the sexual tension that had built up between you in the evening is long gone by flirting on the phone - as is her urge to see you again. So don't put obstacles in your way unnecessarily!

Better call her the next day to start flirting. Not only does this increase the chance that she will answer the phone, but it also shows her that you are genuinely interested in her.

Send or call WhatsApp messages?

But should I actually surprise her with a phone call or send her a text message via WhatsApp or SMS? This is exactly what many men who want to successfully flirt on the phone ask themselves. Our answer: The decisive factor when choosing the communication method is always the woman's personality. How do you think it ticks? There are shy little mice and self-confident graces. If you've run into an insecure young woman, she may not answer your call - simply for fear of screwing up something. Texting via SMS or WhatsApp is the right strategy for such women. In case of doubt, calls are of course always the most promising option for your flirt, because speaking or listening to the other person transports emotions much better and a bond is built up faster.

However, should you still be someone who prefers text communication, our article will help you: Charming flirting via SMS / WhatsApp. And another tip: If you still don't want to do without telephone contact with a shy woman, simply prepare her for your early call with a short text message. Write to her: “Hey, it was a cool evening! Let's talk on the phone tonight, I'll call you. ”That way, the woman can prepare herself mentally for your call, and the chances that you will get her on the line increase.

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What time of the day should I call or write her a message?

With an SMS or WhatsApp message, the time does not matter. When flirting on the phone, keep in mind that a call in the evening is better. Because in the evening the ladies are less stressed and have more time for you. Because flirting on the phone after work is definitely more interesting than watching TV with chips and coke in the evening. The chance that she will answer the phone is also much higher than at 7 a.m.

What should I do if she doesn't answer the phone or doesn't answer?

The Englishman would say: first wait and drink tea! And that's exactly what you should do, if you want coffee, too, but just let time pass. Maybe she's busy right now and doesn't have time to talk. So don't be the type of man who calls every hour and also gossips with love-drunk praise on the mailbox. This seems very intrusive and means that you never hear her honey-sweet voice, but at most the monotonous hoot of the dial tone. If she doesn't get back to you by the next day, you can still send her an SMS or WhatsApp message. If the lady doesn't answer that either, she no longer feels attracted to you or doesn't trust you. If you already know each other well, it stands to reason that she has lost interest in you. This can help you learn how to properly flirt.

She answers the phone, how do I flirt with her now?

She answers! And now? The fact that she takes the time to talk to you is a great starting point. Try to stay relaxed and easy going, even if it is difficult for you at first. You can start with light small talk and prepare a few questions and topics of conversation before the call so that you are not completely speechless while flirting on the phone. For example, ask her if she got home safely or how her day was. Tell her what exciting things you have experienced and make her laugh with a crazy story from your everyday life. Also talk about the evening you met and build on your shared experience. Be a little cheeky and challenge them a little. You say: “Kathrin, you must be pretty crazy that you gave me your cell phone number! Because I forgot to mention that I'm the police wanted boss of a gang of car thugs! ”Laugh, get her in a good mood, and then just ask her to meet up. If you've done everything right while flirting on the phone, she won't be averse - we promise you that!

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