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Music "Ordinary lives"

Manchester has a great musical tradition. The Fall, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Elbow, Lost under Heaven are just a few names in a long list of renowned artists from the city. One of the latest discoveries is called The Slow Show. Her songs are arranged in a particularly loving and detailed manner. The band quickly won the sympathy of the Germans.

"We are always surprised and touched when a concert is sold out. Then we realize how many people are interested in our music. We are also very grateful for that. But it is true that we have performed a lot on mainland Europe We have already noticed our growing popularity. So it seems natural to us. It was not a blitz. This step by step development was important so that we could gain a secure foothold. It took us a long time to feel really comfortable. For me as a singer in particular, I felt it was an apprenticeship that I had to work through. This initial phase was very useful for us. "

Music "Dresden"

Rob Goodwin sings the way he speaks. It sounds warm and pleasant. His singing is as gentle and level-headed as he is.

"We as a band always thought that the voice was only part of the whole thing and not more important than the other instruments, but people often pay more attention to the singer. It made me feel pressured for a long time. I never had Before that I sang in a band. I wasn't sure if I could or wanted to. When Fred and I composed the first songs together, I sang on the demos. The plan was actually to get a real singer who already had experience Then I realized how difficult it would be to explain to someone what the songs are about. I realized that it is important that I sing the songs because I understand the lyrics and then my voice fits . I didn't aspire to be a perfect vocal performance with an enormous range of voices. I just wanted the stories in the songs to be conveyed in an appropriate way. I really liked myself as a singer n felt pressured, but I now know that there is a certain voice that I feel comfortable with that is enough for this band. "

Music "Testing"

With the second album Rob's voice has grown.

"As far as the vocals are concerned, I was able to really gain a foothold on this record. With" White water "I always sounded different because the debut album was created over a very long period of time. I was still in the experimental phase. The new album is more like it constant. I think the production exudes a self-confidence. We know what we're good at. The whole work process was easier. We feel more comfortable in our own skin than before. "

Music "Strangers Now"

Rob recognizes the cultural heritage of the music city, namely the enormous number of important bands. At the same time, he also takes a certain distance from it.

"Manchester is a strange city. We are very proud to be here and we love it there. We are not shaped by the musical heritage of the city, although we are proud of its musical tradition and we especially like the music that The people there have shaped us in an aesthetic sense: the colors, the noises ... the whole attitude towards life in Manchester inspires us a lot. But we haven't copied anything from other bands there. We have always been very independent and very idiosyncratic. In the beginning we only did what we wanted. That has changed because we now have fans. We have a sense of responsibility to them to please them. "

Music "Strangers Now"

"It has been written about us many times that we don't sound like a Manchester band at all. We are very eager to tell people that we are from Manchester. But we have no sense of a mission To be the next chapter in Manchester history because we don't feel like we are part of the scene there, if we are unconsciously supposed to be a continuation of Manchester music, then so be it, but we didn't make it conscious . "

Music "Hurts"

There was already a hit on the debut album. A fan favorite. The audience cheers the most during this piece and sings along with every line of text. The song "Bloodline" has a party atmosphere. The song will stay with the band forever, much like Elton John's "Your Song" from his debut. The Slow Show wrote "Bloodline" at the very beginning of their careers, before they even seriously considered a career.

"(Laughter) Yes! That's right! But "Bloodline" didn't sell as well as "Your song"! In the beginning we just wrote songs. We felt like it. We didn't have a record deal. So there were no restrictions. At some point "Bloodline" came about. Playing "Bloodline" every night out of the blue is not a nuisance to us at all. We love the song too. We play all songs voluntarily and with pleasure. We are just very grateful for the response. We were a little older when we started. A couple of the band members have played in other bands. Fred had produced many artists. When I started The Slow Show with Fred it was clear that he wanted to start a project where he didn't have to make concessions. As a producer, he has often had to be considerate. He just wanted to have to listen to himself, selfishly. I felt the same way. We weren't really ambitious at the time. "

Music "Bloodline"

"Brawling tonight" from the current album "Dream Darling" is a curious, melancholy, but nevertheless pretty representation of brawls among football fans.

"Yes, indeed. The song tells the story of the city at night. I lived for a short time in an attic studio apartment in the city center. In the evenings, I sat there for hours and looked out the little window and watched the wild life in the street below There were brawls in front of a pub late at night, and it's sometimes hard to see the romance in it (laughs)when Manchester United clash with Manchester City fans. "

Music "Brawling tonight"

When The Slow Show write songs, they come slowly, with great attention to detail. The songs fluctuate between bombast and minimalism, as if they want to unite contradicting currents.

"When we record songs they just have a skeletal shape at first. Fred and I work forever on the arrangements. It is literally chiseled into it. Sometimes we tinker endless sound layers on top of each other, but then we pull back so that a song is sooner at the end is sparingly arranged. We're lucky that Fred has already worked as a producer. As far as our sound is concerned, we have to find the right balancing act between lush and economical. "

Music "Brother"

"We sometimes discuss for days, even months, whether a song should sound great or whether it should convey a more quiet feeling. We are aware that there might be people who think that we sometimes adorned our sound unnecessarily. Also when strings sound beautiful in production, we are critical and wonder if they are really always necessary and only use them when it fits. Fred and I have always enjoyed hearing the kind of records that are good for headphones . Even if you've heard them 100 times, you always discover new, loving details. It was our goal to create something like this ourselves "

Music "Brother"

The music press likes to compare young bands with artists from the past. In connection with The Slow Show, the name The Blue Nile, a Scottish group that flourished in the 80s, has been mentioned several times. The Blue Nile had a similar gentle perfectionism, and their songs also told melancholy stories. But The Blue Nile was definitely not a role model for the Slow Show.

"I love The Blue Nile, but I haven't known them for long. It wasn't until we were compared to them that I became curious about the band. Their music blows my mind, especially the first album. It's storytelling at its best. Your production technique is beautiful and wonderfully subtle, but still fascinating. "

Music "The Blue Nile"

A Berlin choir is on board for three songs on the "Dream Darling" album, Cantus Domus. This makes the music of the Slow Show even more solemn and contemplative, and takes on a religious, devout character.

"We were lucky with the people we work with. Fred spent a week with the choir in Berlin. We have performed with the same choir at the Haldern Festival before, so it's now an old relationship. The conductor Ralf shares our vision , and they are all concerned with the songs they are on. I think this is the first time we guest musicians have properly explained the content of a song. We thought it made sense so that their contributions could be emotionally adjusted accordingly . "

Music breaks today

The Germany tour at the end of 2016 in medium-sized halls was sold out. A few years ago the band played in tiny clubs where it's easier to convey an intimate vibe. Rob Goodwin believes that despite their success, his band can still remain very direct and audience-friendly.

"The shows are getting bigger and bigger, so it is no longer appropriate to just stand with an acoustic guitar and play six intimate songs. We have just played in front of 2000 people in Utrecht, you have to adapt accordingly. The concerts meanwhile convey a feeling Feeling of sublimity. We have to do a certain act. We have gained confidence. This has made the songs on the new record even more personal. I no longer had any concerns about expressing myself emotionally in the songs. I think the lyrics are clear more intimate than on the first record. "

The music on the Slow Show is intense, slightly melodramatic, but never cheesy. The sensitive baritone voice of Rob Goodwin complements the strongly atmospheric soundscapes of the Slow Show. They are songs with a touch of mystery and romance.This is how you can explain the rise of The Slow Show. Music that goes down well with the audience.

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