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Use Instagram on Mac

Markus Schelhorn

There is a trick that makes Instagram very easy to use on the Mac. We'll show you how to do it - and two alternatives.

EnlargeUse Instagram on Mac

Instagram is actually only intended for smartphones: You can take photos on the iPhone or Android smartphone, edit them, add a text including hashtags and post them directly. However, if you prefer to post the photos on your Mac via Instagram, you can look into the mountains with the stovepipe. Because there is no official app for macOS or for Windows. And via the web browser you can only look at pictures, but post your own small ones.

Use Instagram with Safari on Mac

With a little trick, however, it works very well with the Safari browser. Because Safari can trick the server into thinking that it is an iPhone instead of a full-blown Mac computer. The Instagram website then loads in the mobile version and at least reveals the function for posting photos that should otherwise be hidden on the Mac. The editing options are not available to you and it is unfortunately not possible to post directly to another Instagram user.

And this is how you proceed:

1. Open the Safari Preferences. Under "Advanced", select the checkbox for "Show menu" Developer "in the menu bar".

2. Open and log in with your user data.

3. In the Safari menu, select "Developer> User Agent> Safari - iOS 12 - iPhone"

You can now post pictures using the camera icon at the bottom of the Instagram window.

The same trick works with other browsers, by the way: Another user agent can be selected in the developer settings of Firefox, Opera, etc., the option we are looking for is always labeled "iPhone".

At the bottom of the bar, a plus sign appears similar to the one in the app, which allows you to upload the pictures from your Mac directly to Instagram. The social media service only supports the JPEG format for photos. Videos, even very short ones, cannot be selected at all. PNG and HEIC images from the hard disk also remain deactivated in the selection window. Before uploading from the Mac, remember to export the images in the appropriate format. This is done, for example, by the preview when the picture is open in the "File - Export" menu bar.

The option for direct messages can also be found somewhat hidden in the upper right corner of the window. Since the arrow icon is out of view, it can easily be overlooked. The DMs in the browser can be sent just as easily as on the iPhone.

Programs for Instagram

The trick about the Safari browser has the disadvantage that you cannot use all of Instagram's functions. We present two alternatives:

Deskgram: This little app makes it easy to upload photos and videos to Instagram. Even some color looks can be applied. The profile can also be changed, but you have to do without the fancy smileys. Overall, the application looks a bit old-fashioned, but it works. However, photo and video uploads are only available to the paid version, which costs around USD 3 per month.

You can download Deskgram here

EnlargeA bit old-fashioned, but Deskgram does what it should: upload photos and videos to Instagram.

Flume : Flume comes in a very modern look. However, posting pictures and videos is only possible with the US $ 20 Pro version. At least some filters and correction tools are available for this. If you use Instagram intensively from your Mac, then this app could be of interest to you. Flume is also available as part of a Setapp subscription. However, there are plenty of free alternatives.

You can download Flume here

EnlargeFlume is chic and comfortable. But to post photos and videos on Instagram you need the $ 10 pro version.

Conclusion using Instagram with the Mac

For the occasional upload of photos and videos to Instagram, the quick solution via Safari is best. Deskgram is an alternative, while Flume is only interesting for power users - or for those who also spend a few dollars for good convenience.