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79 Latin sayings for every occasion (+ translation)

Latin sayings are not only suitable for WhatsApp, greeting and greeting cards. You can also use them for academic work and to improve your general language skills. We'll tell you all the advantages and have 80 great Latin sayings and quotes for you.

Even if Latin is officially a dead language, we can still find it everywhere. Whether we are learning a rhetorical device in school (such as a “pars pro toto”), using a Latin proverb or using sayings (such as “carpe diem”) as room decorations or WhatsApp status - Latin can no longer be found in our lives think away.

Advantages of latin

Many languages ​​have their roots in Latin

You don't need a Latinum to take advantage of Latin sayings, quotes, and phrases. You can easily memorize a few basics and apply them over and over again. You probably already know some Latin terms. Perhaps you met them somewhere or you have even used them yourself. You probably didn't even know that you were speaking Latin. In the following you will find all the advantages of Latin - and you can already acquire your first knowledge of Latin.

You learn other languages ​​faster

Not only German, but also English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and French have roots in Latin. So if you have some knowledge of Latin, you can identify vocabulary faster without having to memorize it. You tie Links to other languages, you can memorize vocabulary more easily and grammatical structures can also be transferred. This way, you'll learn related languages ​​faster overall.

You understand technical terms and scientific texts faster

In school and university you will have to read specialist literature at one point or another. There you will always be that etymology, so the Origin of terms, to encounter. This origin often arises from ancient Greek or Latin. If you already know some terms, you can understand scientific texts more quickly and also incorporate your own definition of terms into scientific work. You will also have a better understanding of frequently used technical terms. For example, “exhibit”, “transcendence” and “denotation” come from Latin.

You leave a good impression on teachers and lecturers

In school and university, sooner or later you will have to write a scientific paper - meaning bachelor's, master's or term papers. It is advantageous here if you emphasize or summarize statements briefly and concisely with a Latin saying. It also seems very educated when you common scientific terms from Latin master.

You always have a suitable saying ready

Latin sayings can still be found in abundance today on WhatsApp as well as in greeting and greeting cards. Latin sayings and quotations are often used, especially for baptism, communion, confirmation or youth consecration. But there are also suitable sayings for silver and gold weddings, Christmas and New Year and letters of condolence. If these are less known, you should always add a translation. Write down the selected saying in your most beautiful script or print it out.

Famous Latin sayings

Famous Latin sayings

There is a lot of wisdom in Latin sayings and quotes. Perhaps you have already met some of them or you can learn something from a few new sayings. Perhaps you can think of a person or an occasion suitable for one of the sayings. For example, think of a friend who you've been through a lot with. Thank him with a Latin saying like "Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur." (One recognizes a safe friend in an uncertain situation.) By Marcus Tullius Cicero. If you write such a sentence in Latin on a card, it will work more solid, more serious and wiseras if you were translating it straight into German.

We have translated all quotes and sayings for you and sorted them according to the relevant occasions. You will find funny and happy Latin sayings as well as serious sayings to think about and common phrases for scientific work.

Latin sayings for thought

Latin sayings for thought are useful as well-intentioned advice for friends or for condolences. In serious situations it's hard to find the right words. Latin proverbs can help you convey enough seriousness. Or maybe you're just in a pensive mood right now, trying to get your thoughts across with words. Here, too, the following proverbs can help. You can find more quotes to think about here.

  1. Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur. - Marcus Tullius Cicero
    (One recognizes a safe friend in an uncertain situation.)
  2. Faber est suae quisque fortunae. - Appius Claudius Caecus
    (You make your own luck.)
  3. Memento mori. - Persius
    (Remember that you will die.)
  4. Requiescat in pace (short: RIP)
    (Rest in peace.)
  5. Carpe Diem. - Horace
    (Enjoy the day.)
  6. Ora et labora.
    (Pray and work.)
  7. Abyssus abyssum invocat.
    (One mistake leads to another.)
  8. Alea iacta est. - Gaius Julius Caesar
    (The Dice has dropped.)
  9. Omne animal se ipse diligit. - Cicero
    (Every living being loves itself.)
  10. Cessante causa cessat effectus.
    (If the cause disappears, the effect also disappears.)
  11. Aequis aequus. Emperor Leopold of Habsburg
    (Right to the right. / To the right [I am] righteous.)
  12. Contra vim mortis non est medicamen in hortis. - Salerno
    (There is no herb against death.)
  13. This diem docet. - Publilius Syrus
    (One day teaches the other.)
  14. Male parta, male dilabuntur.
    (As won, so melted away. / Literally: what is badly acquired goes badly to an end.)
  15. Melius est prevenire quam preveniri.
    (It is better for you to be forestalled than to be forestalled.)
  16. Vivere est militare.
    (To live means to fight.)
  17. Malum est consilium, quod mutari non potest! - Publilius Syrus
    (The plan that cannot be changed is bad! / Bad is the advice that cannot be changed!)
  18. Quem dei diligunt, adulescens moritur! - Plautus
    (Whoever the gods love, they let die young!)

Latin sayings about the wedding

Latin sayings about the wedding

Especially religious occasions are ideal for writing Latin sayings on the card. Because Latin was also the language of the Bible for a long time. Sermons were given in Latin, especially in the Middle Ages, but also beyond. Even today some will Hymns in Latin sung.

For this reason, Latin sayings are particularly suitable for greeting cards for Christian weddings. But sayings of this kind are also well suited for silver and gold weddings. The older generation in particular often still speaks the Latin language and is perhaps reminded of old times through it. You can find more wedding sayings here.

  1. Tempus fugit, amor manet.
    (Time flies, love endures.)
  2. Amor est pretiosior auro.
    (Love is more precious than gold.)
  3. Caritas omnia potest.
    (Love can do anything.)
  4. Ama et fac quod vis. - Augustine
    (Love and do what you want.)
  5. Amantes amentes. - Terence
    (Lovers are mad.)
  6. Eheu, fucaces labuntur anni! - Horace
    (Oh, how quickly the years go by!)
  7. Qui dare multa potest, multa et amare potest. - Properz
    (He who can give a lot can also love a lot.)
  8. Amor est parens multarum voluptatum.
    (Love is the mother of many joys.)
  9. Magnum vectigal est parsimonia. - Cicero
    (Saving is a good income.)
  10. Amantium irae amoris integratio!
    (The lovers quarrel, love again!)
  11. Accidit in terms of, quod non speratur in anno.
    (In a moment it can happen what one would not have hoped for in a year)
  12. Ad nuptias vobis opto ex animo omnia bona!
    (I wish you all the best for your wedding with all my heart!)
  13. Nihil fit sine causa.
    (Everything happens for a reason)
  14. Si deus pro nobis, quis contra nos?
    (If God is for us, then who can be against us?)
  15. Nunc est bibendum.
    (Now you have to drink)
  16. Invenit patella operculum.
    (The bowl found a lid)

Motivational and funny Latin sayings

Motivational and funny Latin sayings

It can seem a bit dull when you're on one happy and casual occasion Write a serious-sounding Latin saying on a card. But sometimes that’s the joke. The outer shell of Latin seems historical and wise, but on the semantic level, i.e. the level of meaning, the content is anything but serious.

Any assertion, no matter how meaningless, would initially be taken seriously in Latin. Only when you look at the translation do you suddenly have to laugh at the following sayings. They are suitable for birthdays and other occasions when you can be funny. Some of the sayings are also forward-looking and motivating.

  1. In vino veritas.
    (Truth lies in wine.)
  2. Barba decet virum.
    (The beard makes the man.)
  3. Carpe noctem.
    (Enjoy the night.)
  4. Suum cuique. Cicero
    (Each his own.)
  5. Cave canem!
    (Beware of the Dog!)
  6. Ergo bibamus! - Pope Martin IV.
    (So ​​let's drink!)
  7. Errare humanum est. - Cicero
    (To err is human.)
  8. Etiam tacere est respondere.
    (Silence is an answer too.)
  9. Dum spiro, spero. - Cicero
    As long as I breathe, I hope.
  10. Exercitatio artem ready.
    (Practice creates masters.)
  11. Horas non numero nisi serenas.
    (I only count the cheerful hours.)
  12. Nam quod in iuventus non discitur, in matura aetate nescitur.
    (What you don't learn in your youth, you never learn in old age. / Today: What Hans doesn't learn, Hans never learns again.)
  13. Omne initium difficile est.
    (Every beginning is difficult.)
  14. Praevalent inlicita. - Tacitus
    (What is forbidden has its special charm.)
  15. Prudentia potentia est.
    (Knowledge is power.)
  16. Qui audet adipiscitur!
    (Who dares Wins!)
  17. Quod tibi fieri non vis, alteri ne feceris. - Emperor Alexander Severus
    (What you don't want someone to do to you, don't do it to anyone else.)
  18. Sol lucet omnibus.
    (The sun is shining for everyone.)
  19. Veni vidi vici. - Gaius Julius Caesar
    (I came, I saw, I conquered.)
  20. Fas est et from hoste doceri. - Ovid
    (Learning from the enemy is also right.)

Latin proverbs for scientific work

Latin proverbs for scientific work

Many of the following sayings are phrases that you can incorporate into your scientific work. So you can make a good impression Set accents and summarize facts concisely. However, do not overdo it with the Latin terms if you are actually writing a paper in German.

To a certain extent, professors in the humanities, in particular, will appreciate a little Latin. After all, it feels good when a language you have learned is also useful for your students. In addition, it is always helpful to know a few rhetorical tools and be able to use them.

  1. Aliquid stat per aliquo
    (Something stands for something)
  2. Cogito ergo sum. - René Descartes
    (So ​​I think I am.)
  3. Docendo discimus.
    (We learn by teaching.)
  4. Pars pro toto
    (A part stands for a whole; is usually used as a rhetorical figure)
  5. Totum pro parte
    (The whole stands for a part / counter-term to "pars pro toto")
  6. Expressis verbis
    (In express words / literally)
  7. Loco citato
    (At the [already] quoted place, at the place mentioned)
  8. Nolens volens - Cicero
  9. Nomen est omen.
    (The name is a sign.)
  10. Ad acta
    (To the files / Today: "put something aside" - tick something off, consider it done)
  11. Anno Domini
    (In the year of the lord)
  12. A priori
    (From the start)
  13. corpus delicti
    (Subject of evidence)
  14. Curriculum Vitae (short: C.V.)
    (Curriculum vitae)
  15. De facto
  16. In medias res
    (Straight to the point)
  17. Modus operandi
    (Way of acting)
  18. vice versa
    (vice versa)
  19. All in all
    (All in all)
  20. In red light
    (in the act)
  21. Nota bene
    (mind you)
  22. Status quo
    (Current status, actual status)
  23. Licentia poetica - Seneca
    (Poetic Freedom)
  24. Tabula rasa
    (Blank page)
  25. ad hoc
    (Specially for this purpose; impromptu)
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