What were tribute empires


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The following text uses a lot of concepts, which are connected with clichés.

Judging on these concepts, is not the purpose of this text, and I am myself aware of its shallowness. But I wrote this in full awareness of this problem, so that I may be able to write down this idea, as quick as possible and in a short length. To achieve this, I had to use these imagery clichés. I hope you may look over these postulated concepts, and see the idea behind it. Call me lazy, that I didn't explain it in detail, and rather use clichés. But I do not like to worry with the explanations of the concepts which are not the topic, and which only are used for explanation, because I rather contrite on the idea, and I hope that the reader can differentiate between the associative concept and the real concept. Naturally this hides problems, because the concepts and their associations can only be understood by readers out of similar social- and cultural historic contexts, because it is more based upon an associative understanding, than on a rational, thus an more artistically approach.

Because using clichés, should not be supported, even when not always possible, but you should always have a conscience for this problem and understand the message.

Ignorance is a gift for you or the slow death.

Thank you for your understanding.


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