Why is advanced physics so abstract


The Physics Advanced Laboratory is anchored in the last two semesters of the standard curriculum of the Bachelor programs (Advanced Internship Physics I) and continues during the specialization phase of the Master program (Advanced Internship Physics II). The students have the opportunity to conduct challenging state-of-the-art experiments in optics, spectroscopy, microscopy or material science.

The goal of the Physics Advanced Laboratory is for students to measure and analyze experimental data, to deal with modern and complex equipments, and to deepen their communication skills, all in an independent manner. Learning in the advanced lab is different from the introductory lab as it is a "troubleshooting" experience closer to what happens in research or industrial laboratories. The experiments may not have a single and well-defined procedure, so the students must use their knowledge and practical experience to find proper solutions to different problems. Furthermore, the advanced lab students are trained to write and present professional scientific reports and conduct meaningful literature searches.


Physics B. Sc.: successfull completion of the modules "Grundpraktikum Physik I und II" (according to study and examination regulations for the bachelor courses in physics and business physics - March 2017)

Physics M. Sc .: successfull completion of the module "Advanced Practical Physics I"

Business Physics and Biophysics M. Sc.: no regulations

Completion of the Physics Advanced Laboratory:

Bachelor students: Bachelor students of the former examination regulations (Examination regulations Bachelor Physics before 2015) must complete five experiments (Advanced internship Physics I - 10 CP). Bachelor students of the actual examination regulations (examination regulations Bachelor Physics 2017) must complete four experiments (advanced internship physics I - 8 LP).

Master students: All Master students must complete four experiments (advanced internship physics II - 8 CP).