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Get well soon: 70 sayings, poems + recovery wishes

If someone is sick or in the hospital, we would like to wish you a "get well soon". While this does not make you healthy, it can cheer you up, encourage you and show compassion. Formulating wishes for recovery is not that easy: they should sound positive without trivializing the illness; they are meant to be compassionate, but not overly emotional. In case you are missing the words while writing: Here you will find more than 70 tips and formulations on how you really want to get well soon. In addition: Examples, sayings, poems and quotes with which you express your sympathy ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Wishing you a speedy recovery: formulations + examples

"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing," said Arthur Schopenhauer. Anyone who is sick quickly feels like an outsider. Knowing that the people around you are thinking of you, giving you consolation and wishing you a “get well soon” cheers you up. It is an important form of compassion.

What do you write to get well soon?

This works best with a card or a letter. It doesn't need a lot of words. There is little that can go wrong if you express your sympathy personally and honestly. What counts is the good gesture. If you are sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper and struggling for words: Below you will find numerous sample texts, examples, sayings and formulations for a recovery letter with which you can wish you a speedy recovery.

  • “Take the time you need to recover. The thoughts of our colleagues are with you and wish you a get well soon! "
  • "Get well soon, all the best and a quick recovery."
  • "I wish you a lot of strength and a speedy recovery."
  • "We wish you the strength and confidence to get well again quickly."
  • "Get well soon and I look forward to seeing you again soon."
  • "On behalf of the entire team, I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery."
  • "We wish you the patience you need, but look forward to your return soon."
  • “With this message I would like to give you a little strength and confidence. Get well!"
  • "We send you our best regards and hope that they will help you to get well again quickly."
  • "Take the time to get well again."
  • "My thoughts are with you and I wish you a speedy recovery."
  • "We wish you the strength to conquer the disease."
  • "I wish you a speedy recovery - first cure yourself properly."
  • “The news of your illness affected me deeply. I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery / get well soon. "
  • “Since you've left the office, we've noticed even more clearly what you are doing and what you mean to us. We miss you! Nevertheless, we ask you: take your time to get well. We wish you a speedy recovery. "
  • “I wish you a lot of strength and stamina until you are healthy again. Get well soon and I look forward to seeing you again soon in old freshness. "
  • “A strong person like you doesn’t throw anything off track that quickly. It will be allright! Get well."

Formulation: “good” or “imminent” recovery?

The language is taken literally: Colloquially, the phrase “get well soon” has prevailed. Strictly speaking, however, the saying is a tautology: The attribute “good” is actually unnecessary when it comes to wishes for improvement. Otherwise the question arises: is there any “bad” improvement? Accordingly, today many prefer to wish "an early recovery". At least that's more linguistic. If you continue to wish you get well soon, you are not doing anything wrong.

If you find it difficult to formulate a recovery card, you will find a few sample texts and examples for classic cases from the job environment and private life here.

Well-being wishes to the boss

  • “Dear Mr. OWNER, we were deeply shaken when we heard about your accident. We hope that you are on the mend and that you can fully recover. We wish you (on behalf of the entire workforce) a speedy recovery and hope to see you again soon in full strength and in the best of health in our midst. "
  • “Dear CHEF, the whole team wishes you a speedy recovery! We hope that you will get back on your feet quickly and look forward to seeing you again in the office. All the best!"

Well-being wishes to colleagues

  • "Dear Ms. COLLEAGUE, we miss you, no question about it. But it is much more important now that you take all the time you need after the operation to get well again soon. All colleagues are with you in their thoughts. We therefore wish you (on behalf of the entire team) a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery. We send you our best regards and hope that they will help you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. "
  • “Dear COLLEAGUE, without you, of course, the work is only half as fun. Therefore I wish you a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery. When you are fit again, I invite you for a coffee during the lunch break. Keep your ears stiff and come back quickly! "

Get well wishes for friends

Get well soon wishes for friends can be written more personally and in you-form. Whether you choose funny or encouraging words depends on the friendship and the severity of the illness.

  • "Hello Leonie, I met Sabine by chance earlier and learned from her that you were badly hit - since I've switched to shift work, I've hardly noticed anything. I really wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. If I can support you in any way - going to the pharmacy or going shopping - please let me know, I'll be happy to do it! Get back on your feet soon and hopefully see you soon, Greta "
  • "Hey Schnoddernase, the best illness is no good! I hope you feel better soon! To cheer you up, I'll send you a few sweet greetings. See you soon, old buddy - Henning "
  • "Dear Andrea, you've been sick all week now - I really miss you! Not only that I sorely miss my training partner in the sports course (we are just a well-rehearsed team!). Dinner together afterwards is also a cherished tradition that we will hopefully be able to take up again soon. Get well soon! Your Katharina "
  • "Hello Peter, get well soon, stay good in bed, and don't forget vitamins A to Z. Your Alice"

You will find 30 more examples and sayings to wish you a "get well soon" in this PDF, which you can download HERE for free.

Get well soon with serious illness

In the case of a rather harmless, short-term illness, a short slogan with which you wish you a speedy recovery is sufficient. After all, a cold is quickly overcome and usually not dangerous. In the case of a serious illness (which may even be life-threatening), more sensitivity is required when choosing words. Examples and formulations for recovery wishes in the event of a serious illness:

  • "Dear Mr. EMPLOYEE, it was with dismay and deep sympathy that we learned about your illness today. We find it difficult to find the right words for this. But we want you to know: Our thoughts are with you and we sincerely wish you all strength and patience to conquer the disease. Please contact us if we can support you or your family during these difficult times. We wish you a speedy recovery and courage for the path that lies ahead ... (signature of employees, colleagues) "
  • “Dear COLLEAGUE, the news about your serious illness made us very sad - we have no words. Only one thing is important now: take all the time you need to get well. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We think of you and hope to get better soon. "
  • "Dear Natalie, I received the news of your serious illness full of concern. I don't know how to deal with this - I'm still in shock. At the same time, I want you to know how much you and our friendship mean to me. That I think of you and wish you all the best. How can I help you? How should I behave - are you currently receiving visitors? If there is anything I can help, please let me know. You should know that I am always there for you. Your Rita "
  • "Dear Ms. EMPLOYEE, it was with great regret that we learned that you were seriously injured in an accident and had to undergo an operation. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you are already on the way to recovery and that you will soon find your old strength. Please take the time you need to recover. As a token of our solidarity, we are sending you this bouquet (on behalf of the entire team) and hope that it will give you a little pleasure. (Signature of the boss and colleagues) "
  • “Dear Markus, healing takes time. We wish you this time. May patience and calm accompany you. Get well soon from the whole team! (Signature of colleagues) "
  • “Dear Annika, I am glad to hear that your operation went so well. Now I wish that you feel a little better every day. Even if it will take a little more time - I'm already looking forward to our hiking tours together. Until then, all the best and get well soon, your Miri "

Wishing you a speedy recovery: Funny sayings

Colleagues or friends who are closer to you and who are only slightly ill are also happy to hear funny sayings.The loose sayings are of course too casual towards strangers. Not infrequently, however, they are a welcome change in wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • “Since I don't want to get infected, this greeting is only virtual. Oh, and get rid of the flu soon! "
  • "If it still hurts a little and pinches: Feel tight and tight."
  • “Take the time you need to get back on your feet. But not too much - otherwise everything will go haywire here! "
  • “Fortunately, it wasn't the broken neck, but the broken leg. First get out, my dear! The work is waiting for you so long and also wishes: Get well soon! "

Poems and Quotes: Get well soon in rhymes

Those who do not like any of the examples mentioned and wishes for recovery can express it with the words of poets and thinkers. Such short texts are well suited for a "get well soon" card. Matching recovery poems here:

  • "The hours are already gone
    gone pain and happiness,
    feel it: you will heal.
    Trust the new daylight. "(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • “A wish for recovery has wound its way through the world
    and found the long way to you
    accompanied by compassion and little things,
    to make you happy. "(Unknown)
  • "And when the sky gets gray,
    who looks at the world with confidence,
    he is happy when a rain shower
    passes by with storm and lightning. "(Wilhelm Busch)
  • "A little sunshine for you,
    after which the flower turns,
    soon the sky will be brighter.
    so that you will soon feel better. "(Michael Horst)
  • "You are healthy and happy in no time,
    recovered more already after this line,
    so look ahead and have the courage
    a blink of an eye and you'll be fine. "(Unknown)
  • "Defy discomfort and pain:
    Get well soon from the heart! "(Wolf Dietrich)
  • "If you feel sick too,
    always take it for good
    because if you resent it
    you feel even worse. "(Friedrich Rückert)
  • "Comfort yourself, the hours are rushing,
    And whatever may squeeze you
    Even the worst cannot stay
    And another day will come.
    In the eternal coming, waning,
    Like pain lies happiness
    And also find cheerful pictures
    Your way back to you.
    Wait, hope. Not in vain
    Do you count the hour beat:
    Change is the lot of life
    And - another day will come. "(Theodor Fontane)

Quotes to get well soon

  • "It is very healthy to be a little sick." (Alexander Roda Roda)
  • "If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the soul." (Plato)
  • "Get well and do it very quickly, even if everything seems dark to you right now, after recovery it's light again quickly. (Unknown)
  • "Health is the first duty in life." (Oscar Wilde)
  • “As long as the doctor forbids us to do something, everything is fine. The situation becomes serious when he suddenly allows us everything. "(Robert Lembke)
  • "It is unbelievable how much power the soul can give the body." (Wilhelm von Humboldt)
  • "Health is less of a state than an attitude and it thrives with the joy of life." (Thomas Aquinas)

After that, however, you should find a few personal words, for example like this:

I would like to endorse this quote and let you know on behalf of all colleagues that we miss you very much. Get well soon and we look forward to seeing you!

Tips: This is how you wish you a really good recovery

A frequent question is: “How should I wish you a speedy recovery?” It is true that the gesture and kind words are the most important thing. But the way you convey your wishes also says something. In the case of a serious illness, a short "Get well soon" via Whatsapp has a latently insensitive and frivolous effect. A postcard has a higher quality effect. The recipient knows that the sender made an effort. Anyone who combines serious recovery wishes with a personal phone call is doing everything right. Just like with the following tips to get well soon:

  • Inform in advance
    Before you start writing, find out about the current state of the person concerned. Inquire with the family or partner about the health situation so as not to trivialize or dramatize anything. Rule of thumb: The greater the level of suffering and the more severe the illness, the more objective you should formulate your wishes for recovery. Humor is only appropriate in exceptional cases.
  • Choose shape
    SMS, letter, card or email? The most common form is the recovery card. It shows that the patient has been thought of - without the necessity of long texts. Whichever shape you choose, the important thing is to keep it. If someone receives a card while someone else only receives an email, it often causes displeasure.
  • Formulate sensitively
    The words should be appropriate to the situation. When it comes to illness, faux pas lurk. A well-intentioned card with a funny motif can be misunderstood.
  • Get personal
    Compassion is believable when the desires are personal. Pre-printed cards are therefore only a second choice. It is always better to write a self-formulated recovery letter - on letterhead, not company paper. Handwritten wellbeing wishes are even better. Ideal if you make personal reference to interests and hobbies. Example: "I wish that you will soon be able to go on long bike tours again."
  • Avoid pressure
    A classic faux pas is to put the sick person under pressure. They just want to say that the person is missing. But phrases such as “We hope that you will be back on the job soon” resonate with an urgency that is inappropriate in the event of illness. The person affected could say: "We don't really care how you are - the main thing is that you can go back to work soon!"
  • Don't trivialize anything
    Those who are sick go through difficult times. Therefore, you should avoid using phrases like “It'll be fine again” or “You can do it!”. A formulation like "Our thoughts are with you" is better.
  • Refrain from advice
    Advice and sayings for recovery - however well-intentioned - are out of place. You seem know-it-all and arrogant. Outsiders want to help, but sometimes you have to accept that you can't help. Therefore, it is better to refrain from expressions such as “Spend a lot of time in bed and rest”.

Get well soon in English

If you maintain international friendships or business contacts (or are currently completing a semester abroad), you can also wish you a speedy recovery in English. Please note that the hierarchy and personal relationship between addressee and recipient are decisive for the appropriate formulation. Some examples:

For mild illnesses among friends and colleagues

  • "Get well soon."
  • "Have a speedy recovery!"
  • "Sending you well wishes for your quick recovery and good health."
  • "When you are not around work seems to be dull. Get well soon and your presence will motivate us for work. "
  • "I heard you were feeling unwell. Here is to wishing you a speedy recovery. "
  • "Get well soon so we can make fun of you again and not feel bad."
  • "We heard that you are in hospital. Hopefully they release you soon because we need you more than they do! "

For serious illnesses

  • "Here’s to you - steadier, stronger and better every day."
  • "Hoping you find strength with each new day. You are in our thoughts. "
  • "I don't know why bad things like this illness have to happen to good people like you. But I want you to know how much I'm thinking about you and how much I want to help in whatever way I can. "
  • "We are all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery."
  • "I was so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Sending lots of caring thoughts your way as you begin treatment. "

For recovery wishes from close friends or partners

  • "Sending you lots of feel-better hugs!"
  • "Sending sweets and flowers to brighten your day. Get well soon! "
  • "These flowers represent hugs and kisses to tell you how I wish you were here, and not on that sick bed. Get well soon. "
  • "Get better and get back to your amazing self soon!"
  • "Sending hugs and love."
  • "I want to remind you how strong you are. We are thinking about you everyday and wishing for a fast recovery. "

Tradition of well-being wishes

The first historical visit to the sick comes from the Bible. God himself made it (Genesis 17/18). After Abraham was circumcised at the age of 99, God visited him and revealed to him that within a year his wife Sarah would become a mother and he himself would become a father. This should fulfill his greatest wish. God did not wish Abraham a “get well soon” but gave him a great blessing. The first connection between illness and desires was born. Visiting the sick developed into a (religious) tradition.

Because people were afraid of infection and epidemics in the Middle Ages, the custom developed over time to prefer to write longer letters to the sick with wishes for recovery. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is said to have written to his sick friend Friedrich Schiller: “I regret your indisposition and hope that it will soon resolve. As soon as I can muster any courage to leave the house, I'll visit you.

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