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"Goodbye Germany": Germans in love emigrate to Gambia

  • Vox documentary "Goodbye Germany" accompanies the couple Ute and Kwesi.
  • "Another stupid one": The verdict of many viewers is already clear before the broadcast.
  • But how is the German-Gambian love story really developing?

"Another stupid, naive one who falls for a guy like that." The verdict of many "Goodbye Germany" viewers was already clear before the Vox documentary was broadcast, as the social media comment columns showed. But did Utes and Kwesi's German-Gambian love story really match the cliché?

"You want to say now that I'm blind enough to go with him now and that at some point I'll wake up and think 'What the f ...!' So, that's what you think now, right? " Made laughing "Goodbye Germany"-Emigrant Ute Liesenberg (53) it was clear that she already understood what the Vox reporter with his "Does love blind?" question.

In general, the Krefeld woman seemed to be significantly less naive than many other German women who, in their middle years, fell in love with a much younger African and wanted to go to his home country with him. Show the Emigrant documentary Stories like this are usually high-pitched in the audience discussions, and this time, too, the announcement of the Charisma many are certain: "That will definitely make others feel ashamed again." Wait ...

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"Goodbye Germany" (Vox): "She may be the right one"

Utes love to Kwesi Addo (30) had while dancing in Mönchengladbach started, where he was enthusiastic about her cheerful charisma and had already suspected: "She might be the right one." Shortly before, he was as refugee out Gambia came, but he didn't want to talk about the exact circumstances of his escape in front of the camera, the memory of it was too stressful.

Well, a year after their love began, it was clear: Kwesi was not allowed in Germany stay. For Ute who are already in the Netherlands and the United States one thing was certain: she would accompany him to his homeland Gambia. She had traveled twice to Banjul, the capital of the small, West African country, for several weeks to prepare everything for a new beginning. She also had a minibus in containers, as well as used clothes and Housewares have it shipped, because she and Kwesi wanted to start a taxi company on the one hand, and make a living from selling second-hand goods on the other. Ute hoped there would be a few in the desperately poor country Jobs to be able to give something back.

So it is for Ute and Kwesi two years after the wedding

But despite the good preparation, the restart turned out to be catastrophic. Because Kwesi's relatives and acquaintances, who were supposed to take care of the ventilation and cleaning of the rented storage room, had apparently not done so or only very sporadically. The result: Mould! And the minibus, which was also placed in the care of the family, was lost for the time being. Kwesi was pissed off about the unreliability of his people, while Ute remained calm despite the disappointment: "We'll manage that somehow. Right, Kwesi?"

And that's how it happened. Than Vox team seven months after the first shoot, the meanwhile married Addo couple revisited, a lot had already worked out. Instead of living with Kwesi's grandmother, both now lived in their own small apartment directly on Atlantic and could live from their clothes trade. They were able to clean and thus save a large part of the half-moldy goods. The minibus had also turned up again, but it was broken so often that Ute and Kwesi decided not to do this business for the time being.

True to the life motto "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life" ("Happiness is not a goal, but a way of life"), they made the best of the circumstances and Ute, which was great in their previous marriage prosperity had been used to, little seemed to be missing: "One should not love thingsbut you should To love people and their life. "A look at her Facebook profile reveals: Even a good two years after the wedding In September 2018, she and Kwesi apparently still love each other - cliché or not.

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