How do I start a haunted house

Oh how scary! Halloween with Alexa

The horror festival at the end of October is not far away. With the right skills on Alexa, the fun becomes even greater. Try it out and make the atmosphere really scary during a Halloween party or a handicraft with the kids. Have lots of fun with it!

Halloween for the ears

Halloween hit radio

Via TuneIn you can directly listen to songs suitable for Halloween, you do not need to activate a skill. Just say “Alexa, play Halloween Hit-Radio” and the matching soundtrack for the Halloween party will be played.

The madhouse

With the skill The madhouse * you get a creepy background noise in an endless loop directly in your living room. Horror atmosphere guaranteed. Activate the skill and start it with “Alexa, start the madhouse”.

The haunted house

Activate the skill The Haunted House * and Alexa will tell you scary short stories.

Questions and answers about Halloween

Ask Alexa the following ...

  • Alexa, tell me a Halloween / ghost / vampire joke.
  • Alexa, how do you dress up for Halloween?
  • Alexa, give me a treat.
  • Alexa, why is there Halloween?
  • Alexa, Happy Halloween!

Halloween facts

Funny and cool facts about the horror festival Alexa tells you with the command "Alexa, start Halloween facts."

Games for Halloween

Monster Madness

You need luck and a good memory for the Monster Madness * game. Up to 6 players can play, but it is also possible to play alone, then you face Vampira. It's about choosing doors and, depending on what's behind the door, earning points.

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