What is a typical drink from Ukraine

Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has a long history and has a ton of recipes, many of which are known far beyond the country's borders. There are many restaurants in Kiev that serve traditional Ukrainian food and drink. There are also classic restaurants, fast food cafes, pizzerias and bars.


Bacon is a universal Ukrainian product that is served both at a festive and daily table. Pork bacon is eaten salted, peppered or smoked.

Solinnja (sour vegetables)

The pickled vegetables are especially popular in winter.

Cholodez (brawn)

A cold dish made from meat or poultry, or vegetables that are pickled in jelly.

The first course


The stew is made from beetroot, beef or pork, potatoes, cabbage and, depending on the region, also with beans, tomatoes, peppers, and the obligatory sour cream. There are many borscht recipes around because every housewife and every area has their own delicious recipe.

It is advisable to try not only the red but also the green borscht. This is a variation of sorrel, meat, potatoes and eggs.

A menu often includes: chicken broth, Mushroom broth, kapusnjak, a sauerkraut soup, Kulisch, a millet soup, Soljanka, a stew made from pickled cucumbers, several meat or fish products, olives, lemons and capers.

main dish

Kiev style chicken or Kiev cutlet

A fried and breaded chicken breast fillet, which is filled with the chilled butter before frying.


The crescent-shaped dumplings with different fillings - quark, cabbage, potatoes, berries, fruit, liver or meat. Some mistake vareniki with meat filling for Russian pelmenis.


Potato pancakes with sour cream or mushroom sauce.


Stuffed cabbage rolls with rice, meat and mushrooms.

Roast in a clay pot

The roast is arranged in a clay pot, which makes the meat particularly tasty. In addition to the meat, potatoes are also served in the pot.



Pancakes with different fillings.


Fried dumplings with various fillings.

Kiev cake

It is a Kiev specialty that has been made according to the traditional recipe since the 1950s.

Syrnyky are fried dumplings made from quark dough. The dish is similar in its preparation to the Saxon Quarkkäulchen.



A compote made from dried fruits and honey.

These photos taken with the kind permission of the restaurant with Ukrainian cuisine Kanapa (address: 19a Andriyivsʹkyy uzviz str, tel. 044 425 45 48, 068 044 30 50)