Have hot Cheetos cheese

That Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos ice cream is weird - but we can't look the other way

Self-described “ice cream mix masters” from Southern California threw a crispy wave of heat onto a typical creamy cold front

Drill'd, which opened January 20 in Fountain Valley, California, just released a “Hot as Hell” flavor, a blend of vanilla ice cream swirled with crushed Flamin 'Hot Cheetos topped with more crushed, spicy Cheetos .

Many of the ice cream flavors include crunchy grain mixes like cinnamon toast crunch and cocoa puffs. Drill co-founders Steve Kim and Eugene Inose said they wanted to create other mashups besides cereal themes and think outside the box. Noticing the almost universal allure of hot Cheetos - not to mention the amazing color potential - and took a sweet leap of faith.

After just a few weeks in business, the Hot as Hell is the most popular flavor after the banana split.

"People are really hesitant about it at first, but the more adventurous ones who come along - nobody really eats ice cream alone - usually someone who tries and gets addicted has it," Kim told TODAY Food. “It's confusing to them, but it's so good that you can't really stop. "

So how does it really taste?

"First you get the vanilla ice cream and in the end you really get a kick in the throat," Kim explained. “When someone has a sharp tongue, they often drink milk to calm the heat. This is really confusing. It's crazy."


Drill’d is not the first place to bring this flaming taste to the menu. Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos have made appearances across the country in unexpected foods and are starting like wildfire (pun intended).

Burger King dusted their Mac n ‘Cheetos with Flamin’ Cheetos in November.

And Chuck E. Cheese uses Cheetos to chop their pizza for a limited time, because what's better than tokens, hot cheese, and cheetos? Regal Cinemas even launched Cheetos Popcorn, a 32-ounce container of Cheetos-dusted kernels with tiny Cheetos in December.

Whether you are a seasoned and true Cheetos fan or just want to experience this flavor on a test drive, Hot As Hell is ready for you.

Can't get to California soon? Here's an insider tip if you want to try repeating the experience at home: Since the milk temperatures are hot, Kim uses the hot Hot Cheetos Black Label XXtra Flamin ‘Hot version of Flamin to really bring out the spicy taste.