Why do people like Post Malone

This is what Post Malone sounded like before his breakthrough with “White Iverson”

At the age of just 16, Post Malone tried his hand at singing and uploaded some of his own songs to SoundCloud. Before he could delete his account and songs, copies were made, which his fans had reloaded on the net.

Before his big break
It's long been no secret that Post Malone loved to play around with different genres before creating his own style and a mix of pop and hip-hop becoming his trademark. But what kind of songs did the number one artist create before his big breakthrough with “WhiteIverson” and can you still listen to the pieces online?

We can easily answer both questions here and now: Before Posty had made big waves via SoundCloud and was praised by rapper WizKhalifa himself, he uploaded the first numbers under his real name - Austin Richard - on the platform and tried acoustic tracks that belong to the emo genre to score. The songs that the then 16-year-old American had published do not sound like Malone at all and therefore confirm that the tattooed artist had worked a lot and hard on himself.

After the account discovery of his supporters, Post Malone had all tracks and the corresponding profile deleted on SoundCloud. You can still listen to his song “SilentNight” here:

Number one hit with "Sunflower"
The fact that Post Malone has changed and above all improved since his drop from “WhiteIverson” in 2015 can be seen in tracks such as the number one singles “rockstar.” Featuring 21 Savage, “Psycho” featuringTyDollaSign, “BetterNow” and “Sunflower” Prove with Swae Lee. The latter work was recorded as the lead single for the film "Spider-Man: IntotheSpider-Verse" and made it straight to the top of the charts in New Zealand, Australia and America, among others. Despite the success, Posty still does not want to be called a hit rapper as he revealed in an interview with the “GQ” and explained: “I can say that it is a torture to be a light-skinned rapper. But I don't want to be a rapper, I just want to be a person, the music I make songs that I like that I think will take off. Music that I think people will like me in real life. "

However, anyone who now believes that Post Malone is relaxed through and through and takes life as it comes is mistaken. Before each of his shows, the 22-year-old should be excited and first of all stand rigid on the stage. “I love to play my songs live and yet I get extremely nervous every time. But after a few cans of beer this fear goes away. With the second song on stage, I'm used to it and my dance steps come out, ”he concluded.